Film Junk Podcast Episode #159: Into The Wild


0:00-05:45 – Intro
05:45-25:10 – Headlines: Patrick Swayze Has Cancer, Watchmen Photos, The Equalizer Movie, Avengers Motion Capture Movie, Lust Caution Star Banned in China
25:10-53:20 – Stuff We Watched This Week: 10,000 B.C., Manufacturing Dissent, Rudy, 30 Days of Night, In The Heat of the Night, Bullitt, Suspiria, Rocket Science, Face/Off
53:20-1:03:10 – Junk Mail
1:03:10-1:09:35 – HMV Stories
1:09:35-1:27:15 – Review: Into The Wild
1:27:15-1:34:55 – Trailer Trash: The Foot Fist Way, Mister Lonely
1:34:55-1:37:15 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:37:15-1:41:37 – Outro

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  • Goon

    just minutes in and Jay has hit his weird quirk of adding “The” in front of movies that dont have a ‘the’…

    ie The Wedding Crashers, The 300

    its alright – certainly less annoying than Kurt always saying “Ben A Fleck” instead of “AFF-leck”


  • Goon

    “anything is funny with Benny Hill music”

    well of course!

  • Nicolas Cage in Face/Off is 10 times the villain that the shark in Jaws is.

    Peach. I could eat a peach for hours.

    There are some boring parts of the film when the families are on, but Cage/Travolta faceoffs in the film are awesome, Cage’s MOUSTACHE in the opening is amazing, it’s just so ridiculous. All-around amazing entertainment. But if you think Nicolas Cage is annoying in Face/Off, I can see why you would find him annoying since then. I still think he’s a wicked actor and person. He headbangs to the Messiah, asks women if they would be grateful to suck his tongue and SMOKES WITHOUT HIS LIPS. How badass can you get? I mean come on…

  • What the hell is with all the camera flash sounds in the background? You guys doing a porno shoot while recording Film Junk?

  • Also, Manimal fucking ruled.I’d kill for a remake only if they had enough money to have the guy change into more then 3 animals.

  • Goon

    re: Into the Wild

    I think they were pretty blunt about him being naive, and were going out of the way to suggest he wasn’t going about it right. At some points he was clever and at other parts he was clearly being told off by everyone he met for the real reasons behind what he was doing. in the end they acknowledged he was still just a kid.

  • My favorite part was when Jay beligerently demands to move on from “The Equalizer”. “What are you guys talking about… move on”.

    His pleas are ignored.