Jason Statham to Star in The Equalizer Movie?


Do you remember the TV show The Equalizer? I remember it only by name, but it looks like this popular 1980’s private investigator series may be headed to big screen, with Jason Statham potentially tapped to star. The original show starred Edward Woodward as Robert McCall, a former spy in New York City who now takes on private investigator jobs for free, thus exacting his revenge on the criminal scum of the world.

Michael Connelly (Blood Work) and Terrill Lee Lankford (Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers!) are writing the script, with Paul McGuigan (Lucky Number Slevin, Wicker Park) supposedly interested in directing. I still haven’t seen Lucky Number Slevin, but something about this project makes it sound great to me. I miss the old detective and spy shows from the 60’s through to the 80’s, and as long as they don’t go for all out action and still maintain an element of intrigue, I am totally on board. Any fans of the show out there? What do you think about this news?

  • The Equalizer was a really good show. Is it wrong of me to gripe about youth culture here? What is this obsession in the entertainment industry with everyone being young? I know Statham isn’t a teenager, but Woodward’s appeal was that he was an older guy who was still incredibly tough and effective. Statham is too young and too thuggish for this role.

  • Ian F

    I think it’s bad news. Ciaran Hinds is the man for the job. He was good in the HBO/BBC production of Rome. He’s no Edward Woodward but he’s the best man for the job!

  • Christian Voigt

    I agree that the equalizer should be a older guy. The original had so many contacts because he was in the game for years on end. Some youngster could not possibly have those. You get them with age…

    I think going with young actors ruins the chance of there ever being a good equalizer movie! What a waste!

  • William Hart

    I’m 22, male and an action fan. Using Jason Statham would RUIN this role. The Equalizer works because he’s not a run of the mill action star – he’s an older, well spoken and english gentleman. Don’t get me wrong he can kick some tail but he’d lose all the charm if given to someone like Statham.

    We need a guy who is experienced, wise, kind and inspiring. The best part of the show to me was the beginnings; you get to see some terrible circumstance where a person has no way out, then the awesome intro starts up and reminds you there’s always the Equalizer.

    Please let them do this adaptation right… for once.

  • pegeen durant

    The chemistry seen working between the actors in the original show


    McCall HAS to be an older, cynical, passionate gentleman for the show to

    have the same feeling..

    not just another slick, tricked out action flick, please

    I’m a serious fan of the show, and would take it as quite an insult

    to the heart and soul of the original series, if they do hollywood business as usual

    with this.

  • Neil

    ‘Love Jason’s movies, but he is completly wrong for this role. The perfect actor for this role is Sean Bean. Now 50 years old, Sean has the experience, credibility and “look” for this role.

  • Callen

    I want to echo the above sentiments. What made the series work was the question: ‘an old guy? Can he really be that tough?’ And then you see how tough he really is— which is really a matter of knowing the criminal mind and human nature and out-thinking the opponent. Sure McCall could beat somebody up, but the point was, long before he actually did, he knew whether he would have to or not. What this created was a sense of veracity that tied in with the real world of espionage and law-enforcement.

    The Equalizer stands up after 20 years, amazingly. Don’t follow the Hollywood trend of remaking a classic by cutting its heart out. How many remakes can you name that are considered better than the original? Get my point? Do everyone a favor and stick to the game plan. Focus on what made the property unique, not how to make it like everything else.

  • Urgentemente

    Why do all the hollwood execs think that they can cash in on the well earned success and following of now-classic programs?

    I watched The Equalizer on TV as a teenager, and just got started Series 1 on DVD – 20+ years on and it hasn’t lost a thing.

    It doesn’t NEED a film remake, and it certainly doesn’t need it to be converted into a standard action flick.
    Transport 1/2/3/4/5/6 etc are fine for a bit of light entertainment, but they’re a world away from the quality that was The Equalizer. No one else will EVER be Robert McCall other than Edward Woodward..

  • Jonathan

    See the thing is some of the guys who I would have loved to have played Robert McCall all came out of that second wave of great UK actors from the 1ate 1950’s & 1960’s – but they’re all just too old! For me, they man who would have been just awesome to reprise Edward Woodward’s Robert McCall would have been Michael Caine. Only problem is that he’s 76 years old! So much for Michael Caine playing McCall.

    You also have to cast an actor who possesses the right balance to play McCall: He has to be refined, but not overly-refined: Somewhat upper middle class, not royal refined; Fatherly but distant and not a pushover: When he walks in a room everyone knows that this is someone not to fuck with. Tough, but NOT GRUFF (this is critical); Possess both worldly intelligence as well as good street smarts; And when it comes to self-defense and weaponry: McCall is Sean Connery James Bond: Knows martial arts but doesn’t rely on it all the time; Has no problems just slugging a bad guy in the face; Doesn’t need a whole bunch of gadgets and won’t hesitate to shoot kill someone if pushed.

    Plus he has to be British and in his 50’s (late 40’s, TOPS). Now, which actor fits this description? I’ll throw in a few for all to consider (And some of these names have already been mentioned):

    Ray Winstone: He’s 52 and may have the look, but might be a bit on the gruff side. Don’t know if he’s refined enough for McCall.

    Patrick Stewart: Great actor, but his posture and his acting prowness might be a bit overpowering to be McCall. Also he’ll be 69 in July (although with his balding head, it makes him look either younger or older).

    Pierce Brosnan: 56, decent actor, has “been there done that” when it comes to the spy genre and is the right age. Still seems too much of a pretty boy and not the fatherly older gentlemanly-type. In other words: Too good-looking to play McCall.

    Timothy Dalton: The way he played James Bond (serious, unpredictable, emotional) to me might make him a good choice. But he still has those leading-man good looks like Brosnan, but a more weathered. Also, Dalton’s is 63 so he may be pushing it age-wise.

    Jason Statham: Come on folks, let’s get serious here. Jason Statham, Robert McCall: You’re kidding, right?? Um, how do I put this as nicely as I can: NO! NO! And HELL NO!

    Liam Neeson: 57, right age, nice balance of refinement and ruggedness to play McCall. But is he refined enough? I’m not sure.

    And I’m going to throw three names at the wall here. See if any of them might work for you as Robert McCall:

    Clive Owen: 46
    Ben Cross: 61
    Russell Crowe: 45

  • Mad Russian

    I’m looking forward to the movie but curious that nowhere has Jeremy Irons been mentioned as a possible McCall. I think that would work out well.

  • leave it be you can never replace what will be tryed to be copied ,rip edward woodward the equalizer…..

  • The Admirable

    Greetings fellow “Equalizers”…

    My choice would be Lewis Collins, of “The Professionals” and most notably the movie “Who Dares Wins” (US: The Final Option). At 63, he’s the right age, is physically fit, and is a very good actor.

  • Zachery Stephenson

    If this happens I might have to create a terrorist group to plant bombs during production.

    Might sound a bit peculiar at first but how about Hugh Laurie? He’s only about five or six years younger than Edward Woodward when he took on the role. He has the refined English accent (in real life) and he boxes so he’s physically suitable. Surely House is running towards the end of it’s shelf-life.

  • It needs to star Michael Caine (The guy who played Alfred on the new Batman.)

  • It’s official; Michael Caine is the new Alec Guinness.

  • tors

    Come on, whats going on here. Why do they feel the need to keep on digging up old and great films and tv shows. It seems Jason Statham is going to be doing a film called The Mechanic, just a minute wasn’t that a film with Charles Bronson and Jan-Micheal Vincent and The Sweeney and now The Equaliser. Come on I think the actors who orginally did these can’t be bettered and the new films done from them will not be the same without them. Surely there are thousands of books out there that are new and orginal that can be made into films instead of re-hashing what are iconic entertainment.

  • tors

    PS Nothing against Jason Statham but if they’ve got to do the film then I don’t think he’ll suit the role how about Ian Mcshane he seems to be doing well at the moment

  • I just found this website and thought everyone would be interested to know that in an interview in 2007 Edward Woodward was asked about the Equalizer movie and who he thought would be the best choice to play Robert McCall and interestingly enough he said George Clooney. He is not british of course, but is in his 50’s and has the ability to play rough with some charm and intelligence thrown in. But like everyone else, I will always hold Edward Woodward in my heart as Robert McCall. No one will ever come close to the original “Equalizer”. Rest in peace Edward, you are still the man.

  • REEF

    go watch Harry Brown and see a 100 reasons Michael Caine should play Equalizer…

  • shelleybear

    Here he is.


    Timothy Dalton as Robert McCall.
    Age is perfect.
    Acting chops great.

  • John

    Loved the show. Micheal Caine would be awesome, just think he would be a bit old. I have to agree with everyone else. I needs to be an older man. I like Jason’s movies, but he is to young. RIP Edward