The Onion Movie Trailer: Will It Finally See The Light of Day?


Way back in 2003, The Onion editor Robert Siegel and writer Todd Hanson struck a deal with Fox Searchlight to create an Onion movie. The resulting film would parody current events and pop culture, and considering The Onion’s massive online following, it should have been a guaranteed cult hit. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite work out. The movie was actually shot by music video directors Tom Kuntz and Mike Maguire, but then wound up being shelved by Fox for a few years due to poor test screenings. As of last year, the entire project had been scrapped, with all the major players walking away from it, determined never to look back.

But then a strange thing happened. A trailer for The Onion Movie suddenly turned up on the recent Fox Searchlight DVD release of The Darjeeling Limited, leading many to believe that Fox has changed their mind about the project. At this point, I’m guessing a lot of the jokes in the movie are dated, so perhaps they thought it best to just cut their losses and put it out direct to DVD. However, since pretty much everyone involved wanted to do some level of reshooting, you have to wonder if this is even going to be worth watching. You can check out the trailer for The Onion Movie over on the New York Times site right now. Although it doesn’t look particularly amazing, there are a couple segments that show promise (namely, Steven Seagal’s Cockpuncher). Are you interested in this movie? Do you think it can still be salvaged?

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  • So is this movie literally just a 90 to 120 minute news show with fake news? If so, I can see why they didn’t want to release it because that just sounds boring and pointless. Just watch The Colbert Report and save yourself $9.00. The Cockpuncher bit looks like it could have a good life as a YouTube video, but beyond that I have absolutely no interest in this film.

  • Goon

    I have a shitload of interest in this and have for years. Why? because it looks funny. It clearly has no plot or point, you’ve got it there – however I’ve spent hours on the Onion TV section of the site before, and would gladly have this DVD simply because its good satire.

    I can see why it never hit theaters, and I can see why people dont want to see it, but its up my alley and i just hope it meets the websites TV section in quality.

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