Love Guru Trailer Starring Mike Myers


Are you ready for the comeback of Canadian funnyman Mike Myers? After 4 or 5 years of preparation, he’s finally about to unleash his latest and most outrageous new character on the world, Indian self-help advisor Pitka aka The Love Guru! No, seriously, this really is the new Mike Myers film. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Myers once sat atop the comedy world with his Austin Powers movies, and now it looks like he’s just out of practice and out of touch. Heck, I remember when Wayne’s World and So I Married an Axe Murderer seemed like some of the funniest movies ever made. But this… well, this just has disaster written all over it.

I want to believe that Myers has something up his sleeve, but the trailer feels like he is desperately trying to avoid acting like Austin Powers or using his Shrek voice (and failing miserably). And can we please just give it up with the Toronto Maple Leafs already?! We get it… you’re Canadian and you like hockey. You mention it in EVERY freaking interview. Now you’re inserting it into a movie where it barely makes any sense? This can’t possibly turn out well. The Love Guru is directed by Marco Schnabel (second unit director on Meet The Parents and Austin Powers in Goldmember), and is co-written by Graham Gordy (War Eagle). You know you’re in trouble when the only thing that can possibly save this movie is Jessica Alba. I think the people I’m most embarrassed for are Justin Timberlake and Romany Malco. What did they get themselves into? The Love Guru hits theatres on June 20th.

  • fizzle

    wow! I’m beginning to no longer like comedies, its a sad day…and what’s the deal with Jessica Alba and her role decisions, i guess she takes anything that is given to her?

  • The trailer doesn’t inspire much hope. It looks very tired.

  • I don’t mean to sound like a racist over here, but exactly how many urban american black guys are stars in the NHL? Zero. That ws the point in the trailer that stuck out the most for me. What an odd choice.

    And also, Mike Myers is a joke repeating son of a bitch. He uses the same gags in almost all of his movies, for instance the whole “can’t help but mention the guy is a dwarf” in this trailer– it’s been done! Moley-moley-moley-moley, anyone remember that from AP3?

    I am convinced that Mike Myers was a shallow well that has all but dried up at this point.

  • This doesn’t just look uninspired, it’s down right laughable – and NOT in a good way. Painful really.

  • I have no real interest in seeing this, but I have to admit that there were moments in the trailer that made me smile. I can still enjoy the first Austin Powers, and I guess after so long without one of those films it doesn’t exactly feel like his brand of comedy has been quite run into the ground. At the same time though, the movie looks pretty bad and this appears to be Jessica Alba’s least emotive role yet. How low can she go?

  • Won’t be seeing this. But as with Rian, it does have its moments. Yeah, the mole/midget thing is the same gag. Lame. Although, “I don’t think I caught your gnome” made me laugh.

    I’m torn on Alba. I think she maybe has some potential hiding in there, she just picks uninspired roles. But really, do I care? No. She is REALLY fun to look at. Fun enough that it’s actually worth it.

  • Goon

    i turned it off when i saw Alba, she is a black hole in any comedy. period.

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  • I like the comment about the hat. Good thing it’s in the trailer so I won’t have to sit through a movie.