The Last Starfighter 2 On The Way?


On a recent podcast I remember discussing briefly the fact that although we have plenty of video games being adapted for the big screen nowadays, we hardly ever see movies anymore about people getting sucked into video games or actually playing them. I guess in a way it makes sense because movies like Tron seem pretty cheesy 25 years later, but you’d think that the idea of immersing yourself in a virtual world is now more relevant than ever before. Anyway, it looks like one of these classic 80’s video game movies is about to get sequel-ized!

The Last Starfighter tells the story of Alex, a teenager who lives in a trailer park and spends most of his time playing an arcade game called Starfighter. When he beats the game one day, a strange man shows up and introduces himself as the creator of the game. The thing is, he’s actually an alien from another universe, and he is there to recruit Alex to become a real-life Starfighter! Despite the fact that it feels like a low budget version of Star Wars, the movie is still a lot of fun, and anyone who grew up in the 80’s will probably remember it fondly. But is the world ready for a sequel? According to Cinema Blend, director Nick Castle, writer Jonathan Betuel and star Lance Guest are all on board for The Last Starfighter 2, which would be based on a “Son of the Starfighter”-type storyline. The movie is supposedly being produced by George Paige and Associates, and starts shooting next month. Can it work? Will anyone see it? I have my doubts, but at the same time, I think my curiosity outweighs them.

  • bob

    With the success of ‘Rambo’ and ‘Live Free or Die Hard’ and the undoubtedly huge success ‘Indy’ will be i’m noticing this as a clever new trend. I for one am all for ‘Starfighter 2′ because with a solid story resurrecting iconic movies from the 80’s can be incredibly interesting and entertaining. I’d rather see continuations rather than remakes of classic movies.

  • I’d love this as a sequel rather than a remake or a prequel.

  • paulie

    hey on the subject of video games being the subject of movie plots did any one mention war games and the wizard with Fred savage?

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  • TC

    As long as “Son of” isn’t in the title I’ll check it out. That cliche brings karma to any movie.

  • tC

    It should go more along the lines of ‘Return of The Last Starfighter’, considering we never see him return to ‘Rylos’ in the movie. Would peak more interest in the film for people into movies, sci-fi, and video games.

  • Scott

    It should have Alexs’ brother in it as well, who eventually beats the Starfighter game. Becomes a Starfighter and mentors Alex and Maggies’ son or daughter to become a Starfighter as well.

  • Benji

    I agree with Scott on this topic. To have Alexs’ little brother play a majoir roll in the new movie would be a really good idea. It has been over 20 years and his brother would be at a good age to have become a Starfighter and be a trainer by now. I really hope to see this Starfighter 2 movie made and done well :-)

  • Jelas

    Go StarFighter! I loved movie as kid, i even learn all on my mind. I hope that it would have nice script so GOOD LUCK!

    GRRRRRR GunStar(I would like to have one of those)

  • shelleybear

    No Robert Preston?
    How can it work?

  • thedoctor78

    I think Alexs brother Lewis should break the starfighter record and be recruited by alex in the same way centauri recruited him.only makes sense due to lewis climbing up to play starfighter while his brother blasts off in the first film.

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  • james

    I just watched the original again and all the way through it all I could think was, “Damn! Wouldn’t these effects look cool if this was made now?” Then when it was over. I found myself wanting to see the rest of the story. How do things work out for Maggie and Alex? Does Lewis become a starfighter? Will Griggs family of over 1000 get freed from slavery? So no re-makes please, but an (up to date) sequel is most welcome.

  • Starfighter Returns sounds good, how about Starfighter Academy? And what happened to the other video game consoles Centari had produced & scattered around our world? Definitely bring Louis back, but is Catherine Mary Stewart coming back? Hate to see the movie with out her in it. Maybe Zuur had her killed, leaving Alex to raise their kids on his own. Who knows, maybe 1 of them has started following in Centari’s footsteps instead of Alex’s? I’m sure after Alex, etc. left to rebuild the Starfleet, the trailer park & it’s people changed. Like maybe a few Men In Black (U.S. government types, not the MIB movie types) waiting for Alex or anyone/thing to return?

  • Skittles

    “we hardly ever see movies anymore about people getting sucked into video games or actually playing them”

    Check out “Gamer” you flamer.

  • Dear Gamer Flamer,

    This post was written a year before Gamer came out. Plus Gamer sucks.

    Thanks for reading!

  • I wish I was a STARFIGHTER

    YES !! YES !! YES!!
    This is a “MUST” be made sequel !!!
    This movie was unreal, with a great story line.
    Everyone one I know thats seen THE LAST STARFIGHTER thinks it was great and we always talk about a sequel.
    They just dont make movies like the old days.

  • steve

    The Last Starfighter, Return to Rylos

  • Kevin

    Movie title. The Next Starfighter. Years down the road we find Alexis working at the starlight trailer park and being taken care of by her has has been and still perverted uncle Lewis. Alex and wife have since been terminated by reminant rebel alliance members, and she was sent to earth in hiding for her protection. She is an aspiring game designer who dreams of leaving her mundane life behind. While working as the trailer park handyman and saving what money she can for her future plans, she stumbles on the old starfighter Arcade game. After repairing the game and adding her own twist to it, she is recruited as a starfighter where she discovers her legacy and finds the opportunity to avenge her parents.

  • Kevin

    No my last post is not a spoiler just an Idea.

  • DC

    I had some thoughts on a “Last Starfighter” sequel after a recent re-watch of the film.

  • Allan

    Kev, wow what a twist that would be. You might be called up to write for it. rofl. The Last Starfighter is one of my all time favourites. I think I saw it about 2 to 3 times at the cinema, but have seen it on TV heaps of times. LOVE IT> I have been waiting for a sequel for ages.

  • DarkOne

    Yes in a script I read sometime ago it appears it is about the son or a family member that is brought into the sequel. Either its the son or the brother that joins in the ranks. Thats the last i hear of anything and that was only a few months ago. and everyone was back on board to be in the cast…

  • sinister001

    Oddly enough I remember a long time ago going to see a movie with my father and they had a cut out for the last starfighter 2… it was in the mid 90’s…

  • Timothy

    To be honest there could be another approach. I mean, hell the whole “son of” cliche has been done and done over. I mean look at Indy, turns out he has a son. Sam Flynn of Tron Legacy another “son of” If you look at the original “The Last Starfighter”, the reason was set in a trailer park was because too many movies had set their stories in suburbs. Which is why Starlight Starbright was the center for it all. It gave originality, as well as a unique setting about reaching for the dream. So if we are to make this unique then I have one solution.

    Louis, yeah yeah I am talking about Alex Rogan’s playboy loving, kid spaceman dreamer, brother. I mean why not?

    1. If you look at the movie while his head was elsewhere he almost shared the same dreams as Alex. Reaching for the stars.

    2. When the movie concluded who was it standing in front of the “Starfighter” game in awe as the Gunstar launched off into the galactic wander, “Louis”.

    So it is logically simple and of course the obvious solution we see little bro take his place in the saga as well that is the “Starfighter” saga. I mean heck he did ask if he could ride with his brother to where Alex was going which was back to Rylos to rebuild the Star League and quoting from Alex, “Sorry squirt only room for one.” Then he looks to Maggie. So it is the only possibility that in full conclusion the title shouldn’t be “Son of”, but “The Next Starfighter”. Simple, to the point, and of course fitting for the saga. Heck if Tron Legacy could bust the box office, so could this idea of almost 27 years later Louis is grown up, and chosen next somehow as a Starfighter ready to go in a Gunstar and blast up the Kodan Armada or some new foe we yet to see………

  • BobTheAvenger!

    Hollywood is running on empty its official..
    Is Nick Castle still alive??…OMG!
    This will be the new Tron Legacy…a cgi fest..drop that!
    Be new and inovative..
    How about a prequel to the last starfighter?…the years before he beats the game?..all that training to beat the game?..and suddenly he meets a beautiful girl,she tries to take him away from the game because she is trailertrash and she has never made something of herself like alex?!?!(arcadegamer?)…she tries to owerpower him with sex (pussypower?)the last act of the movie is them having sex on the arcade machine Alex trying to make the choice…pussy or The last Starfigher?..the movie is called….”The next dimension of the starfighter”..Troma Films can make it…just a thought…

  • THRobinson

    Ug… I always wanted to see a sequel, but would much rather have it take place 30yrs later and Xur returns… not a story about Alex’s son, that’s almost always kills a sequel.

  • mike

    Or have Alex his son and little brother in it. Fighting together maybe Xur’s and his kids. Then have Alex die and his son and little brother can take over and we have a trilg.