Cantankerous Episode #2

Finally, we present you episode 2 of Cantankerous. I thought maybe we’d try throwing up a raw show as an experiment, but I must admit I still did some tinkering. Trust me, you should be thanking me. Still, I think this episode is simply one more step towards trying to figure out what the hell it is we plan to make of this podcast. One thing I’m hoping for is some audience participation. What do you want to hear myself and Reed talk about? If you have any questions or topics you’d like to hear us discuss, drop us a line at Until then, enjoy this episode of Cantankerous.

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Track Listing:

1. Up the Down Escalator – The Chameleons
2. Bangkok Nordursins – Johan Johannsson
3. Sali Mali – Super Furry Animals
4. Ziggy Stardust – The Moog Cookbook
5. I Wish I Had an Evil Twin – The Magnetic Fields
6. The Silvery Light of a Dream – Apples in Stereo
7. 10 Rokkstig – Johan Johannsson

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  • Another wonderful episode. It frightens me that I actually feel like I can connect with Mr. Farrington a little bit more when I listen to Cantankerous. He is a strange cookie indeed, but aren’t we all a little strange in our own ways?

    Just not as strange as Reed. Good work, gentlemen.

  • Music is way too high. Good stuff though, Will Jefferson was a classic moment.

    I’ll have to ponder some delightful questions… I think it’s a bit of a shame that you bitch about movies not being intelligent enough, and don’t seem to back it up by anything. What makes a film intelligent, what films have treated their subject matter with superior intelligence? If you’re gonna dish it out, give us some content to mull over! Surely, you must have some opinions based in fact, and not just what you read!

  • “I think it’s a bit of a shame that you bitch about movies not being intelligent enough, and don’t seem to back it up by anything.”

    This quote sums up my lunch experiences every day with Reed.

  • You need to push him. When he claims to make an effort to become more intelligent, pursue the matter.

  • Yes! it’s back! haven’t listened yet but can’t wait to. rss feed?

  • i sent you a email for cantankerous a while ago but it looks like youve got a new email adress

  • Don’t worry Drew, we got to your question on the show. PARTY DUDE! HOOONNNKKKK

  • Party Dude honk?

  • There is no RSS feed for Cantankerous yet but I’ll try and set one up. Jay just has to upload the mp3s to our server I guess and I can take it from there. I’ll submit it to iTunes as well.

  • It’s my new catch phrase. PARTY DUDE. HONK.

  • Reed Farrington

    I guess I’m trying to say that there are no intelligent science-fiction movies. I’m joking. Sort of.

    I’m going to write a plot in which you have to solve some simple differential equations in order to understand the plot. I’m joking. Sort of.

    Although I mentioned the book from the 70s that made me think of the topic of intelligent sci-fi movies, I guess the point is that sci-fi movies throughout the history of movies has gone for the spectacle.

    Films in general affect people spiritually and emotionally, but they rarely strive to affect people intellectually unless you consider political science to be intellectual.

    I do enjoy mindless fun in films as well. I just lament the fact that there isn’t an intellectual audience that can support intellectual filmmakers.

    I know I’m digging a hole for myself.

  • Party Dude Honk, best catch phrase since google that bitch, you are a trew ( get it? trew? the trews?) genius mister cheel.

  • joe

    This was a good podcast actually. Well at least it entertained me for part of my work day. I’m beginning to like the duo of Jay & Reed, but Reed is the true talent of Cantankerous. hahaha

    Reed: I think the intelligent audience is in the independent film scene and documentaries.

  • Reed Farrington

    Thx for your comments working joe.

    I think Jay created Cantankerous as an outlet for my offbeat views that would disrupt the regular FilmJunk podcast. So all the focus has been on me, but I hope to get Jay to show his entertaining, idiosyncratic side as well. (I would have added another adjective, but I can’t think of the word for a person who thinks he’s always suffering from a medical problem.)

    For example, how many grown men would hang a framed Krull poster in their homes? I would say one, namely Jay!

  • Krull is intelligent science fiction. Deal with it.

  • Well, if the show was more 50/50, bringing up a topic and actually debating it (this would mean forcing Reed Farrington (how long will you keep the charades?) to explain his opinions and the facts that they are based on) I think the show could be even more wonderful. It could even be news… It’s hard to lazy listeners like myself to have to come up with content. I don’t have recording equipment for a reason!

  • I wanna listen to this so bad it’s wrong. Thing is, I can’t seem to be able to download the mp3 off of imeem. Is there another way I could access the mp3 file? I need this thing in my iPod!

  • Glenn

    Great show guys, however I echo Julien’s remarks, I cannot seem to download the mp3 off that site, and would appreciate a direct download link like was done for episode 1 of Cantankerous.

  • I’ll get on it guys.

  • Alright friends, I’ve just uploaded the Cantankerous mp3 to our server. It’s linked in the above post, or you can copy and paste this address:

  • Glenn


  • Thanks a lot Jay!

  • Did it die? Or are you guys just FUCKING LAZY?

  • Reed Farrington

    Today at lunchtime, we were talking about why people don’t eat cactus. Sure it’s prickly, but the outside can be shaved right off.

    Then I wondered what Mexicans ate for vegetables, and maybe they should try eating cactus. Oh, they eat beans, don’t they. But what about green vegetables? Oh, green beans, of course. (Hope this paragraph didn’t come off sounding racist. I need some Mexican friends.)

    Yes, we’re lazy. And I think Jay and I spend too much time at work together as it is.

  • your such a racist reed, how would you feel if some one said asians should eat more vegtebales?

  • Reed Farrington

    I’m a racist in the sense that I hate all human races. That is, I’m a misanthropist.

    I do hate racism, because I’ve been a victim of it. I also hate people who are mean to other people of their own race.

    Drew, I wouldn’t be offended if someone said Asians should eat more vegetables. I’ll even say that Asians are generally bad drivers. Perhaps I should I have said that people living in Mexico should try eating cactus because a lot of cactus can be found in Mexico.

    I think people should acknowledge that there are differences between races as well as differences between men and women.

  • “I do hate racism, because I’ve been a victim of it. I also hate people who are mean to other people of their own race”

    So pretty much you just hate meanness all together.

    P.S. I hope I don’t come off as being mean myself reed, i’m one of your biggest fans.

  • Reed Farrington

    Yeah, I hate meanness altogether, although we’re all guilty of inadvertent meanness. Actually, I can be mean as a reaction to someone else’s meanness. But sometimes I’m mean because I like to hurt people I don’t like for whatever ill-conceived reason. Yeah, I hate myself.

    People say the Internet makes it really easy to be mean to people, because it’s easy to be mean to someone that you’re not face to face with. (Granted, some people have no problem being mean to someone face to face.) “Cyber bullying” seems to be in the news a lot.

    Frankly, it’s easy for me to ignore negative comments on FilmJunk directed towards me. My head does get bloated when I get compliments though, but Jay is quick to deflate my ego.

    So, Drew, it never occurred to me that you were being mean to me. I do appreciate you explaining your concern and expressing your appreciation for whatever I contribute to FilmJunk.

  • “I do appreciate you explaining your concern and expressing your appreciation for whatever I contribute to FilmJunk.”

    Whatever it is, we need some more of it. In audio.

  • Reed Farrington

    Haha. Henrik, I’m beginning to think you live on the Internet. You’re like a good virus that’s infected FilmJunk, and has us constantly feeding you with content. I’m grateful for your constant attention. I can’t believe that you can’t (or haven’t made the effort to) find amusement and keep yourself busy at all the other Internet sites around the world. But I must admit that it is hard to find good sites that can consistently entertain me with content.

    I think Jay wants to create more video content for FilmJunk, so Cantankerous may be relegated to a 2 episode run. Imagine if I keeled over with a brain aneurysm tomorrow? My opinions would be immortalized in 2 episodes of Cantankerous. Two episodes in which I never bothered to support my opinions with reasons or evidence. :-)

  • “Henrik, I’m beginning to think you live on the Internet.”

    I’m studying for exams so I don’t get out much.

  • would an ITunes feed be possible?

  • I sound like such a dick asking for those feeds over and over, i promise i won’t ask any more.

  • Yeah I was planning it actually, I’ll try and get one up sometime this weekend.

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  • Richard

    “…would have added another adjective, but I can’t think of the word for a person who thinks he’s always suffering from a medical problem”

    since it’s only been about a year since you posted this, i’d like to clarify that would be hypochondria. for some reason i like replying to things that have long become irrelevant. i think i’d like to be that guy that finds life in a place where no one thought life has existed for centuries.

  • Richard, thx for clarifying the name of the malady. Actually, as I was reading your comment, “hypochondriac” popped into my head before you wrote it. My advanced age is causing me to momentarily forget words.

    It’s great that you’re commenting on past posts, because I like to think that the stuff we create has some value beyond the moment of its conception.

    If you find intelligent life on Earth, please let me know.