Film Junk Podcast Episode #157: Be Kind Rewind


0:00-08:30 – Intro / In-house Announcements
08:30-29:45 – Headlines – Anchorman Sequel, Live Action Akira Movie, Independent Spirit Awards, Oscar Predictions
29:45-35:40 – Stuff We Watched This Week – Gone Baby Gone, Streets of Fire, COPS 20th Anniversary DVD, Tommy Boy, Atonement
35:40-42:35 – Junk Mail
42:35-1:05:05 – Review: Be Kind Rewind
1:05:05-1:13:55 – Feature: Movies About Making Movies
1:13:55-1:15:40 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:15:40-1:16:40 – Outro

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  • Goon

    too bad sean didnt ilke Atonement. I enjoyed it but found it flawed when i first saw it, but now its strengths are growing in my mind, and i realize especially in retrospect how funny it actually is…

    “I want you to bite it”. heh. I’m looking forward to seeing it again.

    and your’e dead wrong about the score, man. the typing noises are what make it. i fully stand behind it winning Best Score in the absence of TWBB, and will probably, er, download it, when i can.

  • I’ll admit that in theory the typewriter score was a creative idea. But every time I heard it, I just couldn’t help but laugh at how corny it was.

  • Goon

    oh theres plenty of corny things about Atonement, but thats what I liked about them – and luckily they still in the end didnt distract too much from the more serious elements they intended.

  • Nuno

    I expected Atonement to have potential but I thought it was a terrible film.

    I also found the typewriter bits in the score to be cheesy. The movie teetered between being unintentionally funny and absolutely boring.

  • Goon

    just came back from Be Kind Rewind…

    man, I was so disappointed with this… when I wasn’t bored I was flat out annoyed. The characters were grating, it wasn’t funny, it was sloppily paced. Perhaps someone wants to argue that the movie is an extension of Jerry and Mike’s films and meant to be loose, but I think it may be giving Gondry too much credit. Without Kaufman his work has been unentertaining and self indulgent in a bad way. His gimmicks become annoying and I end up wishing he’d go back to just doing music videos.


  • Wow, it seems like we’re the only ones who found this movie funny, uplifting and inspiring.

  • This weeks review was flaming. I think you guys should do some sort of FilmSobFest where you screen Lars and the Real Girl along with Be Kind Rewind. Barbra Streisand would be jealous.

  • I’m up for some Streisand films actually. I’ve been getting more in touch with my feminine side lately.

  • Goon

    well, Brandon Hardesty’s movie reenactments that i just discovered on youtube the last couple weeks put everything in BKR to shame, and on top of that, the best moments of Jack and Mos Def’s are in the trailer. everything else felt so adlibbed, as if they taped their rehearsal shots, and have so many pieces of dialogue with no purpose whatsoever, comedic, expository, character building – this film is packed with filler. Uplifting and inspiring? I can’t knock it for going for a cheesy Capra ‘magic of movies’ ending like some others have, I simply didnt’ feel a thing for it because to me it didn’t earn it. Mos Def was unfunny and whiny throughout the entire film, and Jack Black gave the most cookie cutter characature of himself performance he’s ever given, and I’m a humongous Black apologist. These two guys were hateably dumb. The whole thing is so lazily concocted, especially whatever the hell the random arc with the West Coast Video guy was supposed to be.

    I’d known well in advance that the movie was going to go for a somewhat different feel than the trailer represented, and not to expect too many film recreations. I was fine with that. Its just that in the end other than what I’ve listed above that I found annoying, with this film I wasnt seeing things to pick on and be upset about so much as there was simply so little to enjoy. I squirmed in my seat convincing myself it would get better, debating with myself whether it was time to walk out on it. I almost did. Its too bad that such a simple “SAVE THE REC CENTER” cliched plot couldnt be colored in with anything creatively interesting by someone like Gondry.

  • I see what you’re saying about some of the sweded movies seeming improvised… this was one of my worries after seeing the trailers. But in the end, that didn’t bother me at all because I really liked the motivation for why they were making the movies, there was more of a story behind it all than I thought there would be. And I think there were some great moments not shown in the trailers.

    As for finding better impersonations/re-enactments of classic movie scenes on YouTube, I’m sure there are plenty, but none of them have Michel Gondry’s particular sensibility to them. I think the fascinating thing about how Gondry did his re-enactments was that it was from a lo-fi filmmaker’s point of view. It wasn’t about imitating the scenes exactly and coming up with the funniest spoofs, it was about all the silly little DIY methods he used to recreate big budget movie effects. That was what made the movie special for me. And this coming from someone who thought The Science of Sleep was too chaotic and unfocused.

    I think the big thing though is that I really liked Mos Def and Jack Black’s performances, and if they didn’t sell you then there’s not much else to get into here.

  • Goon

    “I see what you’re saying about some of the sweded movies seeming improvised…”

    when I said adlibbed i actually really meant the regular non-sweding scenes. but i guess you could apply it to both.
    the silly DIY things were the best parts, but there weren’t very many of them, and by the time they were recording their final movie I simply didnt’ care anymore, I just wanted it to be over.

    to me the closest thing to anything funny whatsoever was Jack Black’s facial expression when taking a piss.

    One thing specifically that I think really pulled me away from everything was an absolutely rotten score, which at times reminded me of the atrocious score in Bruce Almighty, too bouncy and quaint and genuinely annoying.

  • Greg


    You will probably want to hang yourself, but it needs to be said. Your posts over the last couple of days regarding Be Kind Rewind and Juno are exactly like the posts that you give Henrik shit for posting.

    Just an observation. You two should move in together.

  • Goon

    i can see the hyperbole on the Juno ones, but I think I’ve been fair on BKR :/

  • I am always fair and genuine.

  • Good show guys. It’s too bad on the lack of “Atonement” love – I really liked the film AND the original score with the typewriter sounds.

    A note on Canadian films at the Oscars – Canadian films ONLY qualify if they’re not in English (French or Aboriginal). The Foreign Oscar has some rule about English language films not making the cut (hence why The Band’s Visit got shafted this year – too much English). As for “Juno” – it was indeed filmed in Canada – Vancouver to be exact. The scenes at the school where filmed out in White Rock while the rest was the Burnaby/Vancouver area. As for it not being Canadian – to be “Canadian”, the film needs to be funded by Canadian dollars, regardless of the talent involved. “Juno” was all US cash whereas “Eastern Promises” was partially funded by Téléfilm and Corus Entertainment making it a Canadian co-production.

    Look forward to next week’s show!