Is the Wachowski Brothers’ Ninja Assassin Actually a Live Action Ninja Scroll Movie?


Here’s an interesting scoop that, if it turns out to be true, may have a lot more people taking in interest in the Wachowski Brothers’ next project, tentatively titled Ninja Assassin. As we reported last week, the only details that are known about the project so far are that Korean pop star Rain has been cast in the lead role, and that V For Vendetta director James McTeigue will likely be taking the reins for the Wachowskis once again. However, Stephen over at Kung Fu Rodeo just got a heads up on an Open Casting Call for the film that indicates this may be more than a new ninja-themed movie of their own devising.

Oddly enough, the names of the characters in the cast list seem to coincide with the names of the characters from Yoshiaki Kawajiri’s 1993 anime film Ninja Scroll! Is Ninja Assassin actually a live action remake of Ninja Scroll? It seems like a distinct possibility, given that the Wachowskis have often referred to this movie as one of their inspirations for The Matrix, and we can assume this would probably be a dream project of theirs. With the Wachowskis finishing up Speed Racer, and a live action Dragonball movie coming out this summer as well, I bet studios are sensing a new trend in the air. I just don’t know why they would keep this particular detail under wraps and refer to the movie under a different name. Time will tell I suppose. I’ve never seen Ninja Scroll personally… anyone out there have any opinions about a live action remake?

  • Primal

    Ninja Scroll is one of the best japanese animation action movies I have ever seen. A movie with a cool plot, sex, violence, and fantastic visuals.

    I’d be down to watch a live-action version with the Wachowskis attached to the picture. The mansion to the freeway action sequences in Reloaded totally convinced me that they can do anything Ninja Scroll, or any action movie for that matter, demands. Although not anime, it could be like Battle Royale and Rambo in being a fun well-produced exploitive film.

  • NC-17. A fully explicit remake would never run theatrically in the U.S.!

  • Ninja Scroll is one of the best anime films I’ve ever seen up there with Akira, Macross Plus, and Princess Mononoke. As such, I can’t imagine a live action version being better than the animated one. In my opinion they should leave this franchise alone.

  • Primal

    I agree with you there Kurt. It’s just wishful thinking I guess. If they aren’t going to do that though, then I’d agree with Rian that it can’t be better than the animated version.

  • See also: Aeon Flux. While the film was still quite watchable, they just couldn’t achieve the alien-weirdness vibe of the original shorts/show without the freedom of animation.

    Same rules would probably apply here. (And also with the Dicaprio/Levitt AKIRA project).

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  • rated

    Ninja Assassin is made on my street today !

  • fgf

    I think its an awesome idea in making ninja scroll into an actual live action movie its one the best animes i ve seen along with fist of the north star as they made an live action movie of that one they should as well do this one

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  • YEAH!!! want to watch that movie!!! rain is there…. I’m an avid fan of him… And I’m so happy he has a movie …upcoming movie… ninja assassin… You rock!!!