Will There Be An Anchorman Sequel?


Here’s an intriguing rumour that’s been floating around the web this week that could very well amount to nothing, but still caused me perk up my ears. It seems that Will Ferrell is seriously contemplating a sequel to his popular comedy Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. He has recently been performing some sketches as Ron Burgundy for the Funny or Die Stand Up Comedy Tour, and this reminded him how much he enjoys the character. While there is certainly nothing official in the works as of yet, I think it’s clear that there is a pretty massive fan base out there that would kill to see another Anchorman flick.

The way I see it, there are two kinds of people in this world, those who don’t find Anchorman funny, and those who know the truth: that Anchorman is pretty much the funniest movie ever made (give or take a few other classics). Seriously, my only concern with a sequel would be whether or not they could reassemble the same cast since many of them (Steve Carrell, Paul Rudd) have gone on to become pretty big stars themselves. The second Anchorman movie that was crudely constructed from the first movie’s deleted scenes is proof enough that the Ron Burgundy character has a virtually unlimited amount of hilarity and hijinks to offer. I can only hope that Ferrell is serious about this and doesn’t get offered yet another sports comedy in the meantime. Would you pay to see Anchorman 2?

  • All I need is Ron Burgundy talking to his dog Baxter.

  • hell yes.

  • joe

    Awesome. But they really do need the same quality of the acting and writing in Anchorman.

  • Cain

    they really need to have the cast back for it to work properly

  • Nemesis

    Oh yeah, that would be great. There’s a lot more left in the Ron Burgundy character.

    I would pay just to see Baxter get kicked off a Bridge again, awesome.

    Wouldn’t be too fussed about Steve Carrell not returning, his character was the least funny thing in the whole movie to me.

  • Anchorman is a vastly underrated film, and I cannot think of another film that I have laughed at so hard in recent years. Please Ron, please come back to us.

    If you don’t, I may end up in a glass case of emotion!!!

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  • I’m one of those who don’t find Anchorman funny. I don’t mind if they make a sequel, but I won’t be watching it.

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  • Henry

    Adam McKay (director) recently announced that he and Will Ferrell would be making Anchorman 2, a sequel to Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgandy. Steve Carell has agreed to reprise his role as Brick Tamland. McKay says that Anchorman 2 is a definite after he finishes his current project entitled Channel 3 Billion.