Stallone in Talks for Cliffhanger Sequel: The Dam?


There’s little doubt that after the recent success of Rambo and Rocky Balboa, Sylvester Stallone’s career is getting its second wind. The man is back in demand again, if only for the purposes of recapitalizing on all of his previous hits from the last few decades. A couple of weeks ago we heard that Stallone had signed on to direct and star in two more action movies with the same team that worked on Rambo. Whether or not either of those movies could end up being new Rambo films seems unlikely, however, there is a new report this week stating that he is in talks with Sony to star in a sequel to his 1993 film Cliffhanger.

Cliffhanger?! Really? Well, as crazy as it sounds, this was actually Stallone’s highest-grossing movie outside of the Rocky and Rambo films. (It made $85 million domestically and $255 million worldwide.) It’s possible that studios are just working their way back through his filmography and looking for the biggest dollar signs, but I don’t know if Cliffhanger is really a franchise that could support a sequel. Does anyone even remember what his character’s name was in that flick? The rumoured title for this so-called Cliffhanger sequel is also pretty weak. The Dam? Come on, that can’t be real. If anyone out there had any real business sense, they would notice that his next highest-grossing movie is more ripe for a sequel… a little flick called Tango & Cash baby! You can’t tell me that the prospects of Russell and Stallone together again wouldn’t sell tickets. I say we start an online petition and get the wheels in motion. After all, fanboys run Hollywood now, don’t they?

  • I don’t remember the name of Stallone’s character in Cliffhanger, but I do remember that he has a fight scene with John Lithgow on a helicopter which is hanging from a ladder on the side of a mountain. Classic! While I would indeed be more interested in seeing a Tango & Cash sequel, I’d see a new Cliffhanger if the trailers looked okay. Hell, if Sly could make Cliffhanger 2 more along the lines of the new Rambo, it would be a considerable step up in quality from the original. I say go for it.

  • Fuck Cliffhanger, get these guys an Ebert & Roeper style TV show. Russell + danish subtitles = pure awesome. That clip was fucking hilarious.

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    Andrew James 02/18/2008

  • Primal

    I’ll just copy and paste my name from the Save HDDVD petition for another Tango and Cash, hell yeah.

    Vince C. 02/18/2008

  • I actually remember the name of the character, Gabe without referring to IMDB. I really loved this movie when it came out. I’d must have seen it at least five times as it is on TV quite often.

    From the rest of his back catalogue I’d like to see more Demolition Man.

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