Film Junk Podcast Episode #156: Gone Baby Gone and Kurt Cobain About A Son


0:00-05:40 – Intro
05:40-18:40 – Headlines: HD-DVD is Dead, Stallone in Cliffhanger Sequel, Star Trek Delayed, Star Wars CG Film in Theatres
18:40-25:35 – Stuff We Watched This Week: Knight Rider, Jumper, The TV Set, WWE: No Way Out
25:35-45:30 – Junk Mail
45:30-52:10 – HMV Stories
52:10-1:01:45 – Review: Gone Baby Gone
1:01:45-1:24:30 – Review: Kurt Cobain About A Son
1:24:30-1:39:45 – Trailer Trash: Indiana Jones 4, Pineapple Express, Where The Wild Things Are
1:39:45-1:41:59 – Top 5: Reasons Why Star Trek Will Be Better in Summer Than Winter
1:41:59-1:44:52 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:44:52-1:46:47 – Outro

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  • Fat Milo

    I hope you guys can make it to a Be Kind Rewind. If not, I’d vote that you do a review of something older. Vantage Point looks like a steaming pile of been-there-done-that.


  • Goon

    if you’re catching up with DVDs now, can I recommend you guys watch and review “Once”?

  • I watched it and I believe I mentioned it on one of the shows. It was okay, but I wasn’t blown away and didn’t particularily like the songs.

  • Goon

    fair enough. i suppose Be Kind Rewind is the review of the day by next week anyways…

  • Bottle Rocket is coming out in Criterian!?

  • *Criterion

  • Yep, it’s in the works… haven’t heard any exact details yet though.