Film Junk Podcast Episode #155: Right At Your Door and The Assassination of Jesse James


0:00-01:46 – Intro
01:46-03:10 – In-house Announcements
03:10-06:00 – Ghostbusters Talk
06:00-27:35 – Headlines – WGA Strike Coming to an End, Josh Brolin as the New Terminator, Rob Zombie Directing Conan
27:35-56:30 – Stuff We Watched This Week – The Exorcist 2, Crimson Tide, Southland Tales, Across The Universe, Rocket Science
56:30-1:08:20 – Junk Mail
1:08:20-1:25:35 – Review: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
1:25:35-1:39:20 – Review: Right At Your Door
1:39:20-1:53:27 – Top 5 Celebs That Should Have Never Left Rehab
1:53:27-1:56:32 – Singe’s Work Story
1:56:32-2:01:40 – Film Junk Defense Force: Johnny Mnemonic
2:08:55-2:11:10 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:11:10-2:12:46 – Outro

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  • Charlie

    Oh, man, this’ll be good. William Gibson And Andrew Dominik in one podcast.

  • Primal

    Still listening to the show, but wanted to say that Singe’s review of Southland Tales was cool. It’s kind of like how my friends and I do a review!

    I’m glad that you didn’t like Across The Universe Jay. I actually hated that self-indulgent piece of shit overall. One of the worst movies I saw last year.

  • paulie

    episodes 154 155??? Ive listened to them threw the site any reason why they are not being updated threw itunes?

  • This episode fucking rules. Singe was classic. New York + Police stories was amazing.

  • Hey paulie, I had a quick look and it seems that there are 3 different iTunes feeds for Film Junk now. I don’t know how that happened (I think some were auto-added by Apple) but at least one of them is way out of date. I should try and get them to remove it.

    The other two iTunes entries have episode 154 listed there now, and I think 155 should show up soon. Sometimes it takes a while for iTunes to update their feeds and unfortunately we don’t have any control over it.

  • Primal

    Jay, you gotta watch Match Point if you love Scarlett. Imo, she has never been captured on film more beautifully than that movie.

  • You guys are always on the money(Execption: Independance Day) when it comes to the Defense Force team.

    May I humbly submit Aeon Flux for the treatment. Not a classic by any means, but pretty darn solid piece of work that was shit on terribly for no good reason.

  • For the record, Krull is awesome.

  • Still listening, but I’m going to defend “Across the Universe” on our show this week.

    But yeah, the Janis Joplin sounding lady was bad.

  • paulie

    sean thanks for the info yeah ive noticed the seclions for filmjunk on itunes one goes up to 135 one go up to 90 etc thanks again sean.

  • Johnny Neumonic – also has Udo Kier in a small role, as well as Japanese superstar Takeshi Kitano. It rocks actually. It was one of the more expensive Canadian films at the time.

  • Aaron

    Here’s something slightly off-topic, but listening to the Southland Tales review made me think of it. Is anyone looking forward to Richard Kelly’s upcoming film, The Box? The plot sounds interesting. I haven’t heard too much about it, but it supposedly comes out this year.

  • I don’t think the Terminator theory (presented for the 2nd time on the podcast, actually) works, because if you remember, Arnold doesn’t kill anyone when he appears, but Robert Patrick kills a police officer RIGHT away. So even though the moment does play sort of like what you’re saying, I think the audience is ahead of the characters right away. The only thing that could make the audience doubt who is who, is if they’d seen the first one. I mean the scene in the bar with Arnold, the violence he dishes out is towards people who act like assholes, and who are sadistic. There is even humour to him from the very beginning, with the sunglasses and the bad to the bone song. So I don’t think the movie plays him up as being the villain, and Robert Patrick as the good guy – but I do agree it would have been awesome if it had done that.

  • This was one of the best podcasts ever — simply awesome!

  • Well technically, at the point at which Robert Patrick ‘kills’ the officer, it’s shot in a way in which one could assume he just hoofed him in the gut and knocked him out. Remember, we aren’t aware at this point that he’s capable of shifting into blunt weapons, and his hit is completely off screen. Even in the first Terminator, Michael Biehn’s character was not very concerned about not hurting the people he had to in order to accomplish his mission.

    Also, one important thing about the Road House style bar brawl is that all of the violence Arnold dishes out is shown on screen in a graphic nature as opposed to the aforementioned, mysterious off screen kill.

    I think your theory doesn’t really work in disproving my theory because at that point in the movie, Arnold has done way more on screen violence than Robert Patrick.

  • Yes, the point I feel is the major one, is that Robert Patrick is violent towards a cop (he also steals his gun and car afterwards), and Arnold is against a bunch of bikers, who obviously are sadistic (the cigar). That and the aforementioned humourous moment, makes the opening of the film alittle more ambigous than you made it out to be, I think.

  • Oh and Arnold is friendly, asking for the clothes, boots and bike, whereas T-1000 is violent right away.

  • “Oh and Arnold is friendly, asking for the clothes, boots and bike, whereas T-1000 is violent right away.”

    He said the same thing in the first Terminator. Friendly certainly didn’t pay off in that instance.

  • POINTS (in reverse order):

    1 – Right at Your Door: really? You guys thought the acting was bad? It wasn’t Oscar worthy, but it was alright I thought. I think Rory Cochrane (stoner from Dazed and Confused – also in a pretty decent mini-series called The Company) is great in it actually.

    2 – Dar. Thanks to the Jun Horde, he is the last of the Emerites and the world’s greatest hero.

    3 – Brad Pitt is NOT the lead in Jesse James. Don’t get me started on the bullshit that is Affleck being up for supporting actor when he’s clearly the lead in the film.

    4 – Southland Tales. That movie is a complete MESS! I was actually looking forward to the strange casting, thinking that would sort of make it fun; but it does not work at all. WAY too many things trying to happen at once with way too many ridiculous characters with way too much existential bullshit. HOWEVER, I actually kind of liked the Timberlake musical number. He’s awesome in it. You can see it here:

    I still like it even though it’s in the movie for no reason and this is a shitty quality version. I love the end where instead of just breaking loose, he just stands there and stares into space.

  • I think Mick Mars has some kind of disease actually. You gotta cut that guy some slack. But yes, they were seriously fucked up for a long time.

    Their Carnival of Sin tour kicked ass though. Midgets tossing and hot, naked, trapeze artists, Tommy Lee’s boob camera, Tommy Lee flying over the audience from drum kit to drum kit. It’s pretty frakkin rad.

  • Please tell me that “Cop Corner” with Singe (<– sp?) will be a new regular addition to the site along with the Film Junk Podcast, Cantankerous, and Fishing With Tom. That stuff at the end where Jay was conducting the pseudo-interview with Jeremy was extremely entertaining.

  • On the subject of the Terminator II debate surrounding the mystery of who is good and who is evil at the beginning of the film, I am leaning toward Jay’s opinion on the matter, but I honestly feel that I have to disagree with both he and Henrik. I saw T2 when I was pretty young, so I don’t recall how I viewed the movie that first time, but it occurs to me that based on the way that both Arnold and Robert Patrick act at the beginning of the film, a first time viewer with no prior knowledge of the plot may assume that both characters are evil. Think about it. In the first film (if I remember correctly) Kyle Reese obviously experiences some adverse effects to the time travel he’s just been through and is immediately a sympathetic character because of his discomfort and the fact that it seems more like he’s trying to survive rather than mindlessly hunt down and murder someone. IN T2, both Robert and Arnold start out the film acting the way that Arnold did in the first film, hinting that they are both Terminators and not humans, hence their ease in enduring the effects of time travel. Then, if we’re to immediately assume that they are both Terminators, based solely on what we know from the first movie, there’s no reason that we should expect either of them to be a good guy as, for all we know, all Terminators are evil. Also, immediately both of them appear rather cold and violent towards the first people they meet. I think that if I were to see Terminator 2 tomorrow for the first time with no prior knowledge of what it’s about aside from what I saw in the previous film, I might actually think that James Cameron had decided to up the ante by having two evil robots trying to kill the same kid up until the mall sequence occurs and one of them is shown to be a good guy. Thoughts?

  • Rian,

    That’s a fair enough assessment. But even going with your theory, it still supports my original annoyance; it was basically impossible to even think that they were both bad guys because we KNEW one was a good guy, and we knew the good guy was Arnold.

    Either way, the movie still kicks ass.

  • Singe was so awesome, Google that Bitch! Singe is Greg times 100. (no offense greg)

  • Jay:

    I don’t recall any of the advertising for T2, I am 100% on your side in believing that it shouldn’t have given away the true motives of Arnold’s character. Regardless, T2 is certainly one of those movies that I wish I could watch for the first time again to have the experience of seeing it with no expectations or prior knowledge. Definitely one of the best action movies of all time.

  • Yeah I think that we can all agree that Terminator 2 is pretty much the perfect sci-action movie.

  • And I think you should name the podcast “Google that Bitch!”.

  • YES! YES! YES! Henrik you are a genius!

  • I know, right?