Writers Strike Could Be Over, Attention Shifts to Actors Strike


While we still are awaiting an official announcement, it appears that the WGA strike is now finally drawing to a close. Disney CEO Michael Eisner recently spoke on CNBC and broke the news that a handshake was made, and that the writers will vote on the deal Saturday. Although they could still turn it down, he said “it would be insane” for them to do such a thing. He didn’t reveal anything about the terms of the agreement, but he did say that he doesn’t think it will hurt any of the major media companies.

“I don’t think it will hurt Time Warner or Disney or News Corp or Viacom. It’s not of no consequence but I don’t think it’s earth shattering… You really can’t say the sky is falling unless you’re making Chicken Little as a movie!”

Ah yes… clever line, that last one. At any rate, if the strike does end soon, studios are still not likely to return to a normal production schedule just yet. The reason being, the Screen Actor’s Guild have a contract expiring at the end of June, at which point they could decide to strike as well. Certain projects may get fast-tracked to complete production prior to that date, however. Warner Bros are supposedly the most desperate to get a few big projects moving again. I wonder if we’ll see the Justice League movie back on the table again in the near future?