Larry David to Star in Woody Allen’s Next Film


If you’re a fan of neurotic comedians, then you’ll probably be interested in this next announcement. It seems that Larry David, co-creator of Seinfeld and star of Curb Your Enthusiasm, has signed on to star in Woody Allen’s next film! This sounds like a match made in heaven (or hell, depending on your opinion of the two).

The movie is currently untitled, and little is known about it other than the fact that Evan Rachel Wood is also supposedly on board. While I’m not a big fan of Woody Allen (and to be fair, I haven’t seen all that much of his stuff) the involvement of Larry David is more than enough to get me to see this flick. It is interesting to note however, that this is not the first time David has starred in a Woody Allen film. He previously had small roles in Radio Days and New York Stories, so they must already have a bit of a working relationship. Check out the clip below for a taste of Larry David working with Martin Scorsese.

  • Heaven.

    And how can you not be a fan Sean? The scene in Annie Hall when they are waiting in line for the film should be enough to make anyone a fan for life.

  • Croft

    Fantastic. I wonder if he’s gonna have some sort of creepy relationship with Evan Rachel Wood. I can’t decide: Would that be a good thing or a bad thing?


  • Rick

    Larry on the big screen. Awesome. Let’s hope it’s a prominent role.

  • Reed Farrington

    I’m not a fan of Larry David, but I know who he is. I don’t remember him in Radio Days or New York Stories.

    Henrik, I’d swear your my doppelganger on the other side of the world. I’m a huge Woody Allen fan. (I don’t know why I would be a big fan of both Woody Allen and Star Trek. I don’t know what the connection is.)

    It’s funny that Sean is not a fan, because he seems to post a lot about Woody Allen. And no one seems to comment much.

    Maybe I should write a column covering Woody Allen. Can’t think of a witty title for the column. (Sean even had to come up with the title Treknobabble.)

  • I’d say that I’ve liked about 50% of what I’ve seen from Woody Allen. In the case of Larry David, I’d rather watch something he wrote than watch him act. I feel like I should love Curb Your Enthusiasm, but every time I watch it I find myself annoyed at everything everyone says to the point that I’m not enjoying myself. Who knows, though? In a real film situation instead of that pseudo-documentary style ad-lib stuff he does on his show, Larry David could combine forces with Woody Allen for something on a whole different level from what I’m used to seeing him do. I’ll give this film a try, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

  • Hey G-Reed Ferryngton – let me know if you wanna have a chat on skype on something. We can measure and compare bodyparts and determine if we are indeed doppelgangers.

    From various videos of your peculiar physical form, I’m afraid the way the nerveendings in the brain connect in a certain – superior! – way would be the only similar aspect of our physique.

  • Wow, this sounds amazing.

    Do yourself a favor and check out more Woody Allen. For a guy that’s made such a ridiculous amount of films he’s got an impressive ratio of really good movies. I can appreciate virtually all of his work prior to 2000, and much of it’s just downright great.

  • Reed Farrington

    So, Derek, what Woody Allen work in 2000 to the present do you not appreciate?

    I think Woody has stopped being funny since the ’80s, but I appreciate what he tries to do artistically, and I admire his work ethic.

  • Well, I’ve certainly still enjoyed some of his more recent films… it just seems they aren’t quite as solid (on a whole). I liked Hollywood Ending and Scoop, but they definitely pale to much of his past works and while I felt Match Point was very well constructed, I didn’t really enjoy it. I suppose I haven’t seen much else… though I’ve heard nothing but bad things about Melinda Melinda, Anything Else, Curse of the Jade Scorpion, and Small Time Crooks. I’d like to eventually see all of Allen’s films anyway.

    I really think some of his best stuff came in the 90s… Mighty Aphrodite, Bullets Over Broadway, Sweet and Lowdown, Deconstructing Harry… but there’s probably a case to be made that he became a bit more inconsistent during this time too.

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  • Rick

    I’m not a fan of Reed Farrington, but i know who he is.