Stallone Signs On For More Action Movies, Hopes Rambo Will Make a Difference in Myanmar


After confirming last week that another Rambo movie would not be forthcoming, Sylvester Stallone has instead gone on to sign a deal to direct and star in two more action movies with the same producers he worked with on Rambo. Is that great news or what? I guess Poe will have to wait. Stallone had this to say: “It will depend on the success of this one, but right now I think I’m gearing one up… We’ll do something a little darker and a little more unexpected.”

In other news, Stallone is loving the fact that Rambo is causing a stir over in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). The movie is supposedly being seen as a source of inspiration for the oppressed people in the region, and the government is trying to crack down on the distribution of bootleg copies. Could John Rambo actually inspire a real-life revolution? Uh, well, probably not. But I guess this may be the closest Stallone will come to making a difference through film.

“These incredibly brave people have found, kind of a voice, in a very odd way, in American cinema… They’ve actually used some of the film’s quotes as rallying points. That, to me, is the one of the proudest moments I’ve ever had in film… I’m only hoping that the Burmese military, because they take such incredible offense to this, would call it lies and scurrilous propaganda. Why don’t you invite me over?” (Thanks to Dario for the link to this story.)

  • iris

    can someone take this dead horse out back and but us all out of our misery with a shotgun.

  • I think this is great news! I liked the new Rambo a lot, but the idea of more sequels seemed iffy. Making some new action movies that aren’t sequels is a great idea. Everyone loves to complain about the mass of sequels and remakes these days (including myself from time to time), so what could be better than new titles? I’m giddy thinking about a new Commando, Cobra, or Tango & Cash style film with no connections to existing franchises.

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  • Paul B.Stewart

    I am a True Rambo Fan and Love Sylvester Stallone.Being a Real Infantryman; Military Officer and a Three Time Honorable Veteran and A Three Time Champion; Basketball I am with RAMBO!!!!