Marvel Planning a Venom Movie?


Well whether or not you’re getting sick of comic book movies, you have to admit one thing… Marvel are not letting a single one of their properties go to waste. Not only have they begun to greenlight movies about some of the more obscure heroes in their back catalog, but they are also creating spin-offs from many the major franchises that have made it to the big screen so far. We know that Wolverine and Magneto movies are both in development, and now IESB are reporting that we may see a spin-off from the Spider-Man series as well. The character this spin-off would focus on is not necessarily someone you’d expect, however.

It turns out Spidey arch enemy Venom may be close to landing his very own feature film, with “several A-list writers” in discussions to possibly tackle a script. (Marvel Studios recently signed an interim agreement with the WGA, so they can freely continue development on all of their projects.) No word on whether or not Topher Grace would reprise his role, but it is said to be unlikely. It is also unclear at this point whether Venom would be portrayed as good or evil in the movie. In the comics, I know that Venom eventually became an ally of Spider-Man for a while, although I don’t know all the details. With the possibility of Spider-Man 4 still up in the air, this might be a good solution for Marvel to keep the franchise moving along in the meantime. I just question whether or not you can have a Venom movie without at least having an appearance from Spider-Man in it. What do you think, is this a movie worth making?

  • What do you think, is this a movie worth making?


  • paulie

    next thing you know they will green light, war machine, moon knight,night thrasher, and dead pool.

  • I disagree with the statement that Marvel “are not letting a single one of their properties go to waste,” because they wasted the great character of Daredevil on a shit movie.

    Sarcasm aside, part of me can’t see this happening, but then part of me remembers Elektra and a Venom movie becomes all the more probable. If it does happen, I would hate to see Venom portrayed as a good guy because every time this happens in the comics the character has gone from awesome to shit. Eddie Brock can be a sympathetic character, but Venom has got to be evil in order for that to work in my opinion.

  • They totally should do the Venom vs. Carnage storyline, where Carnage had a video game based on him, was able to run his symbiot through the internet and out the screens of the people playing thus killing them. Then escaping with a psychiatrist (blonde, D-cup) and have the most ridiculous conversations, while Venom befriends a young hippie girl who plays guitar with her drugged up boyfriend, that Venom then kills and goes after Carnage. Fuck, I can’t believe I paid actual money for that magazine. Probably the most ridiculous storyline ever (oh, except for when it turned out that Spider-Mans clone was actually the real Spider-Man and the guy who had been in the comics for 40 years was a clone. Whoever came up with that hopefully has been killed).

  • Henrik – It turned out that the original Spiderman wasn’t the clone, the new guy was. Not saying the story was any good, but that’s how it ended up.

  • I couldn’t be bothered to keep spending money on that ridiculous pile of shit.

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  • Venom Fan

    YES this movie is indeed worth making. Venom > Spiderman.

    snlfarley, if you dont like it, dont watch the movie..
    This movie is more than worth making.

    Venom deserves his own movie and video games, he pwnded spidey all the time in their fights, and even saved his life more than once.

    so yeah this movie is definitely worth making folks

  • andre

    hell ya!!! they have to make a venom movie but he has to be the anti hereo…like the movie pitch black with vin diesel who plays the bad guy who everyone loves to rout for…worth making this movie venom is an awesome villian

  • jim

    Their is more 2 life than complaining about meaningless sht. Like somone said if you don’t like it don’t watch it. I happen to like the marvel movies along with a million or so others. I think I can speak for all of them. We don’t give a fk what you or the other clowns think. Go get your popcorn and watch your sex in the city reruns and just stfu.

  • Stryker

    I think it be great! and really fuck you and go kill your self to whoever thinks it’s pointless, Venom is an Anti-Hero like The Punisher and Carnage (which I think Venom should verse in the movie)
    is a Serial Killer so he is a full villain. Venom is just a villain to Spiderman so it still be worth to go see and watch, just as long if they don’t ruin him just like in Spiderman 3 with a That 70’s show character and have his mask come off when he talks! geez Eddie Brock(Sorry if i spelled that wrong) is a fucking Body Builder, Venom and The Punisher are the same size. So if i haven’t made my point yet this movie would be amazing and once again kiss my pale white ass if you think it be gay because the only Marvel character that is dumb is the hulk…

  • XvenomX

    i agree with this guy who ever thinks its a was of time is fucking retarded come on marvel is finally doing what all of us have been wishing for and i hope they do make a dead pool movie and much more i love venom i think its about time he gets his big break and if you dont like that then go jump in front of a train venom is a fucking bad ass who stopped the hulk and many many others so eat my dick

  • Venom

    They should make one about Venom vs. Carnage. It doesn’t have to be linked to the Spiderman movies at all. Hell, it can take place in California where Venom is the Lethal Enforcer and he can battle Carnage to protect his “civilians”.

  • ann

    too many out of this world action movies already

  • matthew69

    hell ya, just make him creepy. u need to give em a mentaly unstable persoana but at the same time he thinks hes doing what right.

    think split persoanlity, since well it accually 2 personalities hes allways fighting with. and eddies mental battle against the suit never flees.

    hes got a battle going on in his head threwout the whole movie all the while hes going around spilling guts in his own sense of street justice. picture like flash cuts to scenes while hes dolling our street justice into mental battles with the suite’s persona trying to piece together right from wrong, reality from skitsophrania.

    dude this movie can rock. think of that movie, with the kid and girl were haroin addicts? kept flashin scenes around, well that what its like in venoms head.

    this can work

  • eric

    it can be done well, it will probably not be but im hopeful all the same
    sidenote, please do not call anyone else stupid or retarded until AFTER the spellcheck.
    trust me, MUCH less ridiculous

  • rené

    this movie will be great, don’t fking care if some thinks otherwise venom is the greatest spiderman enemy we should give him some credit too i mean, he didn’t appear more than 20 minutes in the whole spiderman 3 movie!!
    but i do think he can´t be a hero on the movie, it isn’t his style but venom vs carnage should do it
    may what some guy before said, venom has two personalities, and that can really help the movie.

    a worth making movie folks, for sure

  • c.d.

    Ya know what? If 85% of the movies Marvels been churning out didn’t suck maybe just maybe people could get excited! Cases in point: Daredevil,Xmen 3,Wolverine,both Fantastic 4 movies, Spiderman 1 & 3,Hulk, Ghostrider, Elektra, Blade 3 etc. Yeah they hit the mark on a few of the movies but if you look at their track record for every 1 good movie, they release 3 movies that suck! For the most part it’s “Let’s release a bunch of movies starring characters no one really cares about so we can heap them all in Avengers and not have to waste 1 1/2 hours of the movie explaining their origin”! Bottom line Marvel comics are written for people with the emotional level of a 13 year old! The characters never change, the stories are the same and if it works change it for the worse! Personnally I’ll be waiting for Chris Nolans 3rd. Batman movie. At least he takes the material and the fans seriously!

  • Sara

    for the second comment, they are making a deadpool movie.
    and i think its totally worth making. one, venom is the shit, two, i think it really would be a change from the norm of all these superhero movies. (although he does eventually become a good guy) but i would love to see a character make havok instead of saving all sorts of people.
    im more of the kind for bad guys anyways :)

  • CJ

    This would be totally awesome!!!!!

  • stephen parks

    i truly believe that this is the film that marvel should finally cross over into the rated r category. the film should be based off of the eddie brock character so they can introduce the worlds most ruthless villain that has ever been in a comic CARNAGE venom is a hero just not your typical hero in the since that he brutally kills the guilty instead of waiting for the police to arrest them. this film has one of the most potential in all of the marvels characters for his non typical hero like role that he plays not tot mention the best looking bad ass character that todd mcfarlane ever created for marvel. if he is portrayed as the massive beast that he is with the same in your face before i kill you like ridley scotts aliens and a possibility of chris hemswoth to play eddie brock or the guy who played the younger brother tommy in warrior (tom hardy). i have a vision of what this movie really could be and i hope that they are in the same boat as i am this awesome spectacle of a comic book character Venom