M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘The Happening’ Trailer Now Online

Love him or hate him, M. Night manages to stir some interesting debate among movie fans. Just check out our latest episode of The Movie Club Podcast in which I defended ‘Lady in the Water’ against four soul-less Scrunts who tried everything in their power to get between me and the giant eagle. Luckily I had the Tartutic on my side.

Well crossword puzzles, grass dogs and cereal boxes aside, there’s no denying that a new M. Night film is an event. For anyone who feel as though they’ve been burnt by his last two offerings, I urge you to check out the new trailer for ‘The Happening’. There’s not much too it at this point, but it’s definitely ominous. It looks like some unusual epidemic is sweeping the world and cause world wide chaos. Based on this trailer, it seems to be some sort of mass suicide induced by momentary insanity. SWEET. Some of these scenes remind me of John Carpenter’s ‘Village of the Damned’ remake, in which the albino children use suggestion to force people to kill themselves. Remember that scene when the Mom sticks her hand in the boiling water!! MAAAANNN!!! That was totally…cheesy. Or even better, when the eye doctor unleashes some toxic eye drops in her own eye! Great stuff. Anyways, check out the trailer below and let the M. Night slamming/loving begin!

BONUS VIDEO: Loving tribute to the character David from JC’s Village of the Damned. Enjoy.

  • joe

    That’s awesome, looks a lot better than even his other ones. I like Shyamalan’s stuff, but still haven’t seen Lady in the Water yet. Looks like some people committed suicide. I love suicide in horror movies. It’s such a strong element, whether it’s conscious or taken over by some spirit or something (what this one looks like). Nice shot with the blond with the hair thing. Reminds me a bit of Suicide Club or Kairo, but not as dark.

  • Seems similar to Cell (and Suicide Club, for that matter). I wonder if this will impact peoples’ reactions to the film adaptation of Cell when and if it comes out.

  • theman

    Thats exactly what I thought Suicide club. I know know Shamalama. I just don’t know.

    I hated his last 2.

  • I am pumped for this movie, even though I hated Lady in the Water.

    Re: Cell, I heard it may be getting delayed for a while due to the similarities with The Signal, which is supposed finally hit theatres this month.

  • That was an effective trailer. I was impressed.

    I had a Mum song on in the background (Nightly Cares) it worked really well with the trailer.

  • Meh… Seems like going back to the well. I have loved his last four films, and I’m going to this for sure, but if that wasn’t his name up there, I would have absolutely no interest in this.

    One spark of hope: No shaking doorknobs in this teaser. But there is still time to go that way again.

  • Goon

    very Shyamalan. the trailer is awesome.

    my hope though:
    no explanation of why anything happened. just have it happen and have people deal with it. no surprise cameo from God, no nothing, just deal with it. please.

  • I loved Unbreakable and I likee both The Village and Sixth Sense. Didn’t much care for Signs and quite disliked Lady in the Water. I’ve been excited for this since I originally heard the concept though. It does sound similar to some recent movies like The Signal or Pulse, but I’m sure it’ll have an original twist. Sign me up.

  • I hope there’s ten surprise cameos from God.

  • Liz

    Mark Wahlberg feels really out of place in that trailer, which is unfortunate because he’s pretty much the only thing about that trailer that’s actually going to get me to see that movie.

  • Primal

    Definitely hit or miss with when it comes to Shyamalan. I really enjoyed the 1st time watching The Sixth Sense and Signs is the only movie of his that I’ve watched multiple times.

    This trailer looks pretty cool, but its kind of reminding me of the Invasion trailer which is not good. It’s a good thing we know Shyamalan is directing this though.

  • theman

    The thing that peek my interest with this trailer was the fact that this is M.’s first foray into full on horror. I just hope he doesn’t over reach like he did with the lady in water. Or go for some lame ass twist we saw coming 1000 miles (or kilometers for you non Americans.) away like in the village.

    I’ll go see it for sure. But fool me twice ya know.

  • “you non Americans”

    We prefer to be called ‘the voice of reason’.

  • Actually, John Carpenter and M. Night Shyamalan have alot in common. They share the megalomanical tendency to plaster your own name all over your film – opening credits: an M. Night Shyamalan film, WPD by MNS – ending credits – a film by MNS etc. Good stuff. Although I guess Carpenter was alittle more cool about it, using tribute-names and stuff. They also both are known for their horror, and everybody hates everything they do that don’t deliver as a horror movie – when in reality the horror aspect is the least interesting thing about their films! I never linked the two before reading this article for the 2nd time… I guess your somewhat shallowly reasoned (I’m not having a go! Just saying) love for Lady In The Water makes much more sense now! Sometimes it’s hard to explain emotion.

  • Damn it, trailer isn’t up anymore. :(

  • Goon

    “We prefer to be called ‘the voice of reason’.”

    ugh. considering the growing extreme right in Europe, I’m in no mood for something like this without a sarcastic smiley face. Sorry man, the rise in the polls of people like Geert Wilders concerns me about as much as Mike Huckabee’s religious populism does.

    Anyways, I found out a major spoiler which I wont reveal here about the Happening, and lets just say that it may end up presented well, however I can definitely state theres going to be a shitload of eye rolling by a lot of people. Shyamalan is probably not going to remove himself from the shit list in some peoples eyes.

  • Whatever mate. Refuse to reply to any posts that don’t point out exactly where to read sarcasm and where not to. Or get all pissed off at anything that doesn’t have a smiley face. Your own existence won’t seem different to anybody else either way.

  • Goon

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • Watched this a couple of days ago. The downtrodden continue the role. The acting was strained, cheesy and in some spots laughable. The concept was ridiculous as well. When you see groups of people offing themselves one would think “Hmmmmm, maybe I should be concerned.”, but intstead I was like “Good riddence!”. How this unknown force was connected to vengeful plants made me not want to give you all a “spoiler alert”. Do not watch it, it honestly has no redeeming qualities.

    Oh, what the fuck was that guy on about with his hot dogs? Fuck me!