Film Junk Weekend Wrap-Up: Feb. 3, 2008


As the writer’s strike marches on, it seems like there are fewer and fewer breaking headlines about new and exciting upcoming flicks. By far the biggest news from last week was the confirmation that Guillermo del Toro had entered into talks to direct The Hobbit. I think most will agree that he is a worthy substitute for Peter Jackson or Sam Raimi. Of course, once he signs on, they will have no script to work from, so the project will remain at a standstill until the strike is resolved. The only other major headline that caused some discussion was the sudden departure of Mark Romanek from The Wolf Man due to creative differences, with Brett Ratner named as one of the possible replacements. Other than that, I think the rest of the film world was mostly focused on Sundance, where Quentin Tarantino went toe to toe with the paparazzi… sort of.

Top Headlines
Guillermo del Toro 99% Confirmed to be Directing The Hobbit
Mark Romanek Leaves The Wolf Man, Brett Ratner May Replace Him
Paul Haggis’ Crash To Become a TV Series
Stallone Says Rambo Sequel Not Happening
Tarantino Gets Into a Scuffle with Cameraman at Sundance
Reed Farrington’s New Star Trek Column: Treknobabble

New Trailers
Son of Rambow
Superhero Movie
The Grand
The Hammer
Smart People

Some Stories We Didn’t Cover
Sundance 2008 Winners Announced
Best Films at Sundance 08
Kevin MacDonald to Direct Bobby Fischer Biopic
Jemaine Clement to Star in Jared Hess’ Gentlemen Broncos
Greatest American Hero Movie Confirmed
Matt Reeves to Direct The Invisible Woman and Cloverfield 2
Once Song Will Remain an Oscar Nominee Despite Controversy
Sam Raimi Producing A New Fantasy TV Series
My Bloody Valentine Remake Gets A Director
Platinum Dunes Officially Remaking Nightmare on Elm Street
Zartan and General Hawk are Cast in G.I. Joe
More G.I. Joe Casting: David Murray is Destro
Christina Ricci Groped by a Chimp on the Set of Speed Racer

  • Primal

    The Ricci article seems to be bogus or the facts are totally messed up. It sounds like its on the Penelope set, but why would Chim-Chim be mentioned on that set.