Superhero Movie Trailer

Well we knew it was bound to happen eventually. Introducing the latest in a long line of bad spoof films including Scary Movie, Not Another Teen Movie, Date Movie and Epic Movie, get ready for Superhero Movie! We had been hearing about this movie for a while, although it was previously titled Superhero!, and David Zucker (The Naked Gun, Scary Movie 3 and 4) was supposed to direct. Now it looks like he’s just on board as a producer and Craig Mazin is in the director’s chair.

Normally I wouldn’t give this movie a second glance since Mazin wrote Scary Movie 3 and 4, but the one decent thing on his resume is the James Gunn-written superhero comedy The Specials. Unfortunately, looking at the trailer for Superhero Movie, it appears to be a direct scene by scene parody of Spider-Man. Drake Bell stars as Rick Riker who gets bitten by a radioactive dragonfly and finds he has superpowers. LAME. The Specials isn’t the most brilliant movie in the world, but I’m guessing it’s a masterpiece compared to what this will be. I suggest forgetting you ever saw this trailer and go track down The Specials instead. Superhero Movie supposedly hits theatres on March 28th.

  • Goon

    i have to say this doesnt look nearly as bad as the “Meet the Spartans” trailer did.. whats weird is that the first Spiderman movie is 6 years old now and the Spartans movie is all last years movie… and yet THAT is what feels more dated, and by waiting doing something like this with Neilson feels much more old-style parody movie..

    …that doesnt mean either will be more than a 1/10, if that – but this trailer doesnt want to make me tear my eyes out.

  • I don’t know, I thought it looked a lot like Meet the Spartans. It even had a funny breakdance scene.

    I do agree that Lesley Nielsen’s involvement is cool, but they could have done something so much cooler than a direct spoof of Spider-Man. I’m all for more superhero comedies like Mystery Men and The Tick, etc.

  • I agree with Goon. I actually laughed in this trailer (at Leslie), where as in the Spartans trailer I mostly vommitted.

  • Leslie Nielson is in it. My ticket is confirmed.

  • I hate movies like this, but I admit that I laughed when Leslie Nielson said “I can’t, you’re kneeling on my crotch.” The one thing aside from Nielson that this movie seems to have going for it is that it doesn’t appear to rely on Paris Hilton jokes and seems to be focusing on parodying an actual movie instead of making fun of momentary pop culture crap that will be meaningless in less than a year. I still won’t be paying to see this, but I could see myself Netflixing it someday if I hear a good word or two about it.

  • Goon

    Sorry Sean, I see a big difference.

    Scary Movie and Epic Movie, etc are basically like “MAD Magazine” parodies.

    This Superhero Movie clearly is following the more traditional parody route to mock the actual conventions with Spiderman as a framing device, rather than a jumping off point to make fun of whatever they want.. This makes it much closer to “Spaceballs” than “Meet the Spartans”, even if it completely sucks.

  • NOT paying for this, but at least it’s not a sequel. I could see maybe Netflixing it one day.

  • That last joke at the end was actually pretty funny.

  • paulie

    not bad I might go see it, I never saw any of the scary movies or epic movie. I might just go see this one.

  • I can’t believe Brent Spiner has stooped to this level. I died alittle from watching this.

    Leslie Nielsen made the nailgun scene work, but that was it. Making fun of the observations like the glove? Pathetic.