Weird Web Wednesdays: Quentin Tarantino Doesn’t Like Paparazzi


This week on Weird Web Wednesday, Quentin Tarantino returns to the spotlight after a scuffle with a paparazzi cameraman in Park City, Utah during the Sundance Film Festival. Personally I’d say the cameraman got what was coming to him, and the fact that he only tried to goad Tarantino on afterwards pretty much confirms it. Also this week check out a clever mash-up of Friends and Superfriends (this would make a killer Adult Swim show), a pretty braindead report by Fox News on the sex scene in Mass Effect, and the most insightful review of Rambo ever committed to video. Of course, the review may or may not be fake — it turns out last week’s Angry Nintendo Nerd was (big surprise). Full confession here.

Tarantino Attacks Cameraman at Sundance
The Hawaii Chair
Friends/Superfriends Mash-Up
Fox News Condemns Mass Effect as Pornography
Fox News/Mass Effect Parody
Pros vs G.I. Joes
Ronald McDonald Plays DDR
Best Rambo Review Ever
Fart Man
Sean Young Heckles Julian Schnabel at Director’s Guild Awards
Spiderman Not As Agile As He Used To Be
Jason Lee in Yacht Rock 11: The Making of Footloose
Jonah Hill Sings The Fuck You Song

  • Tarantino looks like a chubby lesbian in that video. What a douche.

  • Tarantino is a real guy. All the paparazzi need their asses kicked for not having any morals, and the people hiring them need to be buried alive. Tarantino has my respect for not selling out to the press, he has spit on them and slapped them around.

    The Rambo review is fucking funny, as is Spider-Man. The Julian Schnabel speech is downright an embarrasment to Sean Young, one of the worst and most selfish people (apparently, just ask Oliver Stone) to ever get famous.

  • paulie

    Wtf looked like that paparazzi dude was half way to his car when Tarantino stepped forward a few feet, the camera guy would have probably been knocked out cold if Tarantino did hit him.

  • one wonders why a video of a film director walking out of a coffee shop is even interesting…i mean what is the practical use for that footage, its nothing scandalous, in fact getting coffee is pretty bland. If Taratino walked out of the coffee shop wielding a gun holding a naked, mexican, atheist, teenage dwarf with down syndrome then i could see it being interesting, but the guy was just getting coffee. leave him alone.

  • Rick

    um… i gotta go with Tarantino on this one. But he suddenly does not seem as cool as he was before this video. Somewhere between a brat and a grumpy old man.

  • the guy deserved it all the paparazzi deserved it.

  • Misawa

    He may be lost in unreal world of his own films. He’s probably a bad ass on the streets of Park City, Uuuutah but come down to the real streets and what do you have? A video clerk who’s marketing acumen made it big but is becoming cliché. Juxtapose Inglorious Basterds with Pulp Fiction and see what you think.