Film Junk Podcast Episode #153: Rambo


0:00-03:35 – Intro
03:35-26:07 – News Headlines: Heath Ledger’s Death, Guillermo del Toro Directing The Hobbit, Meet The Spartan’s #1 at the Box Office
26:07-50:30 – Junk Mail
50:30-1:09:15 – Stuff We Watched This Week: Karla, Young Guns II, Confessions of a Superhero
1:09:15-1:23:35 – Review: Rambo
1:23:35-1:30:10 – Versus: Rocky vs Rambo
1:30:10-1:38:44 – Top 5 80’s Sequels We’d Like To See
1:38:44-1:47:45 – Trailer Trash: Taxi to the Dark Side, Get Smart, MacHeads
1:47:45-1:49:20 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:49:20-1:51:25 – Outro

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  • Dennis

    So, you guys know you that the link is not correct, right? You have it listed as feb_28 instead of january and it won’t link directly to it.

  • Yep, we definitely knew it was broken. We were just testing you guys.

  • Seantonio

    Hey guys! I just wanted to show my support for the weekly Star Trek news piece. I am very much looking forward to this!

    Keep it up!

  • Goon
  • You should let every podcast end with Frank Stallone’s ‘Peace in our Live’! :love:

  • Jay: Joss rules? That’s a change of heart.

    I can’t wait to read the Star Trek column. Make it daily, please.

  • Btw. This weeks review sounded 100% like all the reviews for Transformers that was on the internet last summer. Wether or not Rambo is more deserving of this defense I can’t comment on, but after Jay’s outrage with it last summer, I sure didn’t expect it to pop up here.

  • Henrik:

    I said Joss rules? I don’t think I did.

    As for the Rambo review, I see what you’re saying. And yes, that was a major annoyance for me in regards to Transformers fans passing the film because they didn’t want anything other than giant robots fighting. However, for me, Rambo is different because it’s of a certain genre and certain time. It’s lack of concern for certain things like acting and dialog seems to be more of a conscious choice that’s meant to stay true to its action roots.

    Maybe it’s a cop out, but all I can say is I could let it slide in Rambo.

  • paulie

    Why are you guys always so hard on the transformers movie, I mean its better than the 80’s one. At least prime didnt die right off the bat,As far as top 5 80s movie sequales go I would love to still see goonies2 gremlines 3,another police academy would rock, weried science 2,tremors 5 with all the origanl cast members and why not ghostbusters 3 ?you know about the next gen game their working on for the 360 and ps3 right? Its do out in october this year.Also do a google on return of the ghostbusters fan made movie of ghostbusters prety cool you should check it out if your a big fan of the first movie I think you might like the fan made one.

  • Goonies 2, yeah that is a big one none of us mentioned. They keep saying it might happen one day. And I’m definitely looking forward to the Ghostbusters game.

    Regarding Transformers, I would watch the 80’s animated movie a million times over the Michael Bay version. Although for the record, I did give it a pass in my review.

  • I prefer the animated one as well. If you don’t approach with the emotional baggage that Optimus Prime is your father, the movie is border-line solid. And I’ll take Leonard Nimoy and Orson Welles over the generic villains in Michael Bays film.

    Jay: You said Joss rules. Then at the end invited people to comment on what they think of Joss. Right? ;)

  • Henrik: The style of Rambo made it a lot more watchable for me than Transformers was. Yeah they both have mindless action, but in Rambo you can actually see what’s going on, and the level of violence was ballsy and shocking. Rambo felt like a Rambo movie, and (although I don’t really like this argument) it did at least feel like a movie made for adults. Transformers was full of product placement and just felt so false to me, considering it was based on an 80’s cartoon that I grew up with.

  • I don’t doubt that for a second, it’s just that alot of the arguments in the podcast review went the route of “What do you expect? It’s Rambo.” Especially the analogy with McDonald’s. But I guess the comments section is the place to expand on the audio review.

  • paulie

    I think the only reason why I cant watch the 80s transformers any more is just because of the Stan bush song “the touch” If it wasn’t for that damned song I could probably still watch one of my all time favorite movies.

  • Goon

    “At least prime didnt die right off the bat,”

    kinda hard to die right off the bat in the new one when he doesnt show up until like, an hour into the movie :P

  • heatmiser

    The way you guys bicker and bitch about each other makes me think you guys are either married to one another or sorta hate each other.

    What’s the deal? Are you guys actually friends who hang out and stuff when not doing the show, or is the animosity all an act?

  • Seantonio

    haha Transformers (1986) absolutely slays the new one in my opinion. The only reason I even watch the new one is because it is visually stunning on my TV, otherwise, the 80s version had an amazing cast, a way better story and wasn’t bound by the constraints of being a live action feature.

    Thank you

  • Mickdundee

    just a little annecdote for you guys: I used to be the manager of a “mom and pop” video store and when that rambo trailer was released last year and it was gloriously bloody and i loved it…a group of college guys came in that night and were talking about movies they were looking forward to coming out as they walked up to my terminal, the main guy said the transformers trailer made it look like the greatest movie that will ever be made (i disagreed, but not verbally) and I asked the main dude if he saw the new rambo trailer and the guy basically with a sickened tone go “uuuuuuuhhh why the fuck is that faggot stallone trying to resell all his old crappy movies like rocky and rambo”…i basically said nothing and just gave him his movie…i also died a little bit inside.

  • I guess it’s proof that Rocky and Rambo work mainly on nostalgia now and that these characters don’t appeal to today’s audiences.

  • heatmiser:

    You hit the nail on the head. We are all married to eachother and hate eachother.