The Weinsteins Say Another Rambo Sequel is Inevitable


So you thought that Rambo was created for the sole purpose of putting another one of Stallone’s characters to rest? Think again. As we see all too often, an opening weekend box office success story has lead to immediate speculation about another sequel in the making. In this case, however, I was a bit surprised to read that Harvey Weinstein is already calling for a fifth Rambo film.

I was under the impression that Stallone was doing these new Rocky and Rambo movies to give the characters one last hurrah, not to continue running them into the ground. Apparently Weinstein has other plans, however. He claims that there is a Rambo sequel being planned, with the intention of “bringing the character back to the United States”. I suppose as long as there is money to be made, there’s a good chance it will happen. I was kind of looking forward to seeing Stallone try his hand at something completely different, like his Edgar Allen Poe biopic. Is a fifth Rambo really necessary? If they did make it, would you see it?

  • Joel

    So, uh . . . Rambo doesn’t die in this one?

  • No comment. Maybe it’ll be a prequel!

  • HAHAHA! A prequel!

  • I have only seen the first one and wasn’t impressed. From what I have heard, they seem to be getting worse from then on (this latest one may be better than 3, but I haven’t heard anybody saying it’s as good as the first one, rather the opposite), so no, I would not be interested in another film.

    I guess it shows what Stallone really is, that the only artistic expression he has is boxing and shooting guns. Some people may love the characters, but isn’t it pretty pathetic that a 62-year old man has nothing else to say? I sure think so.

  • Captain N

    I dont see why it matters if he makes another one or not. I have yet to see Rambo, but it looks like a good ole over the top action flick. Raw, gritty and violent. We dont really have any movies like that these days.

    I suppose it matters how I feel about Rambo for me to want to go see a 5th flick.

  • I had a blast watching the new Rambo, so you can count me in for another one if it gets made. I’ve never been a huge fan of the original trilogy, so I think this new installment may be my favorite of the series. First Blood certainly has the better story, but I got a lot more enjoyment out of watching Rambo (IV) than I ever have watching any of the original three.

  • Ian

    No. Rambo clearly ended with this one.

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  • J

    I don’t think it matters, each to their own, but there’s not alot of point in putting it down. You either like it or you don’t and I, myself enjoyed all the Rambo movies and thought it was nice to see something different than “the world is doomed”. You know? like a classic action hero if you like, springing back to life. I just think that hollywood is churning out alot of films that are far worse. So yes, I would go and see another.

  • ken

    I think He should confront someone from his past but someone who is his equal.. a green beret… let em slug it out…

  • rob

    I hope they make another rambo I will definatly go see it

  • cristobal

    Senor rambo no se escribir muy bien pero eres el mejor hombre que es conosido,no se quien lee esto anuncios pero si lo lees y be a rambo dile que lo quiero de todo corazon,el es mi actor preferido el es genial,me gustaria conoserlo en que es imposible soy solo uno en el mundo. tengo 43 anos y no quiero morir sin conoserlo,si usted que lee esto please ayudame a conoser a rambo,a mis hijos tambien le gusta rambo

  • tanner

    Ok wow if the director said that then it better happen rambo is the shit i have yet to see the 1-3 i saw the 4th one and it was the tightest movie ever i havent seen a good blood war movie in forever i think it would be awsome i want to see who his dad is.