Monday Morning Box Office Report – Jan. 28, 2008


Take one look at this weekend’s box office numbers, and it’s clear that no matter how much people snicker and make fun of these cheesy parody movies, they still continue to go out and see them in droves. Meet The Spartans pulled in a tidy $18.7 million in its first 3 days, just barely edging out Rambo for the #1 spot… which means we’re only going to see more movies like it. Rambo, for its own part, did quite well, opening with better numbers than Rocky Balboa. Either the advertising campaign worked, or Stallone won some people over with Balboa. Meanwhile 27 Dresses overtook Cloverfield to claim the #3 spot, probably because Cloverfield’s target audience was offered a few alternatives this week. Even Untraceable managed to do okay, placing fifth with $11.2 million. At the moment, I’d say cineplexes are doing pretty good business for January.

1. Meet the Spartans — $18.7M
2. Rambo — $18.1M
3. 27 Dresses — $13.6M
4. Cloverfield — $12.7M
5. Untraceable — $11.2M
6. Juno — $10.3M
7. The Bucket List — $10.3M
8. There Will Be Blood — $4.89M
9. National Treasure: Book of Secrets — $4.66M
10. Mad Money — $4.61M

  • Goon

    this movie makes 18 mil, Walk Hard made 4. So a previous reputation, large marketing campaign, and overall positive critical reviews of both the film and soundtrack…. apparently don’t matter.

  • That poster makes me wanna drown myself in the toilet.

  • I hate people who consider box office numbers indicators of the state of the world. There are reasons that stupid shit gets seen, moreso than intellectual stuff, and they have nothing to do with the movie industry.

  • Borbo

    How is this site (or anysite for that matter) not making a bigger deal of fucking MEET THE SPARTANS getting number #1 at the box office…it shouldnt be just some passive “well i guess people liked it” it should be a full examination of everything that is wrong with our country, this movie (yes i say it) is EVIL, it is not harmless, it is not just for laughs, it is…the perfect definition of all that is wrong with America, Movies, Culture, and the planet…it is vile satanic piss raining down on the masses and watching them lap it up…shame on this site for not saying more about it.

  • I assume you’re referring to Campea’s post on The Movie Blog? Yeah, movies like this obviously wouldn’t get made if there wasn’t a market for it, but in this case I find it funny because I bet the majority of people who went in knew it was going to be horrible in the first place. Either that or they all got carded and couldn’t get in to see Rambo.

  • “a full examination of everything that is wrong with our country”

    Not everybody considers the state of YOUR country that important. Though I guess Sean does post american box office numbers every week… Either way, it’s not HIS country. Also:

    “it is vile satanic piss raining down on the masses and watching them lap it up”

    What does religion have to do with anything? Are you saying that the reason Meet The Spartans was no. 1 is because of atheism gaining ground in America? Why don’t you just chill out.

    And yeah, I was probably more influenced by that post over at than yours Sean. This exact same thing went on a year ago when Wild Hogs came out. I actually saw Wild Hogs a couple of weekends ago (my sister LOVED it, and rented it for me to see with her) and it wasn’t a movie that would somehow bring about the downfall of western civilisation. I have no doubt that Meet The Spartans is worse than Wild Hogs, but for me, 300 itself was pretty horrendous and that somehow gets a free pass.

  • I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people being frustrated over the success of Meet The Spartans. I just don’t think people should be surprised either.

    You’re right Henrik, U.S. box office success isn’t everything, and in terms of measuring a movie’s value, it’s pretty useless. However, it is a huge factor in determining what future movies we get to see in theatres around here, and I’d rather have something other than Meet the Spartans, thank you very much.

    That said, I don’t think a movie like this is the most offensive thing in the world either. They are usually so painfully unfunny that they actually become somewhat funny, assuming you go in with the right frame of mind.

  • As I left my screening of Rambo on Friday night, I passed a group of about ten people hovering around the Meet The Spartans poster outside the theater. A guy in the center of the small mass of people was going through the poster pointing at one character at a time and saying “I fucking hated this part, this part was fucking stupid, this guy was fucking annoying…”, etc. I thought that was the perfect visualization for my feelings on movies like these.