Guillermo del Toro in Talks to Direct The Hobbit


I think it’s safe to say Tolkien fans are going to be happy with this news. We know Peter Jackson is not directing The Hobbit, and despite the rumours of Sam Raimi’s involvement, it looks like Guillermo del Toro is in fact the one who will be stepping to the plate. According to The Hollywood Reporter, del Toro is currently in negotiations to direct both halves of The Hobbit feature film, moving on to the project immediately after he finishes post-production on Hellboy 2.

The production budget for both films will be $150 million, so this is obviously no small undertaking. Despite the fact that del Toro has helmed some big movies in the past, this will be an absolutely massive investment of time and energy (no doubt the reason that Jackson decided not to direct it himself). Still, he is obviously passionate about the source material, and there is no reason to think he won’t do a bang up job.

Personally, I just think it will be cool to have another personality behind the camera for The Hobbit, since the story is very different from The Lord of the Rings. The question is, will del Toro start mucking around with the art design himself, or will he leave it to the folks at WETA to maintain consistency with the LOTR trilogy? Either way, the big roadblock now is the writer’s strike, since there is currently no script in place. Are you excited about to see del Toro on board for The Hobbit?

  • Yes! I just saw the Orphanage, and at this point I’m ready to see anything he does. And I don’t want more of the same as for as LOTR to the Hobbit.

  • I can’t really say I am excited. I did not like The Hobbit when I read it years ago, and I did not like the LOTR trilogy either. Unless they got M. Night Shyamalan or Sam Mendes to direct, I would not be excited about a project like this.

    He does do good monsters though. He may be able to pull off something interesting with the dragon. Or maybe he’ll go back to the roots and have Gandalf puff out a vagina in smoke.

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  • Lord of the Rings is one of the best film trilogies I’ve ever seen, so while I’m not terribly excited to see more films from the series, I’ll be there opening day if and when The Hobbit comes out in theaters.

  • Snorfle

    I wonder if this would conflict with the rumor about him possibly directing Harry Potter 7? Talk about a couple high-profile directing jobs.

  • This is definitely a choice I can stand behind confidently. I have a feeling they’re going to tone a lot of his fantastical tendencies down a bit though – which is odd, since this is the prequel to the fantasy to rule all fantasies.

  • If Peter Jackson isn’t going to direct the Hobbit then I think del Toro is the only person for the job. He has done wonderful work on Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth. He certainly seems to have an eye for fantasy based movies. I heard on the podcast you mention Sam Raimi in connection with the film and I really hope that doesn’t happen. I just don’t seem his as a good match for the material at all. He should concentrate on repairing the damage done to the Spider-man franchise instead.

  • Sam Mendes for LOTR! Have a woken up in WTF Land? Only on film junk and only Henrik could concieve of something so diabolikal! It’s a Canadian dream come true!

  • I only mentioned those two guys, because those are the two ‘major’ living directors that excite me.

  • Henrik, you never cease to amaze me.

  • You never accomplish to amaze me, Rusty. In that regard, you are comparable to your nation.

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