Pixar Easter Eggs and Self-Referential Inside Jokes


With all the discussion about hidden messages and images in Cloverfield recently, I found it interesting when I stumbled across another list of movie easter eggs on the web. Over at Jim Hill’s blog, in response to a reader question about a possible Wall-E cameo appearance in Ratatouille, he provided a whole slew of screenshots from self-referential moments in other Pixar films. I had seen a few of them before, but many of these easter eggs are pretty damn tough to spot.

Easter eggs include:

– Dinoco, the gas station seen in Toy Story 2, is also a race sponsor in Cars
– The old guy playing chess in Geri’s Game is a toy repair expert in Toy Story 2
– The toy that Boo gives to Sulley in Monsters Inc. is a clown fish like the main character of Finding Nemo
– The little boy in the dentist’s office in Finding Nemo is reading an Incredibles comic book
– The trailer with the bug light from A Bug’s Life is the same place that Randall gets banished to in Monsters Inc.

Some of the images are so hard to see that I’ll just have to take his word for it. Regardless, for hardcore Pixar fans, this definitely makes for an interesting read. Check out the post now via the link below.

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  • Baloosd

    Re Pixar easter eggs, the article overlooks the Incredibles 18-wheeler at the drive-in that Mack passes before falling asleep on the highway in Cars.

  • Mitchwll

    If you wait through the end of the Finding Nemo Credits, Mike form Monsters inc swims past, not so briefly, But eah, just something interesting.