MacHeads Trailer: A Documentary on Apple Fanboys and the Cult of Steve

Mac users are a strange and loyal bunch… I know this firsthand after writing my own account of having a Mac die on me, only to get flooded with angry responses by a throng of Apple devotees (you can read the whole story on my personal blog). In some sense, I can understand where all of the enthusiasm comes from; Apple has always been about sleek designs and innovative technology, and there’s a consistency and unity of vision in most of the things they do. That said, some people just take things a little too far!

MacHeads is an upcoming documentary produced and directed by Kobi Shely about the hardest of the hardcore fans. It sounds like a great subculture to cover in a documentary, and the trailer confirms that there some real nutjobs out there. However, if the movie chooses to cover the history of Apple and the company’s role in the personal computer revolution, I think there’s an interesting story to be told there as well. One thing’s for sure… this movie’s got a pretty huge built-in audience who are already chomping at the bit. Check out the trailer below. For more info visit

  • Liz

    “That said, some people just take things a little too far!”

    Rabid Mac fans seriously scare me. I bought a Mac last May and I think my Mac-enthusiast friends thought I’d be immediately converted to the Cult of Apple, but since this didn’t happen I feel like I encounter a lot of scorn for even considering criticizing the genius that is Apple. :)

  • Yeah, I was trying to keep an open mind about Macs and still think they’re pretty cool machines. But say one bad thing about them and people act like you just pissed on their grandmother’s grave or something!

  • I’m not a Mac user (and I refused to buy into iPod myself – the husband converted me on that bit) but I have to admit, I’m really curious to see this.

  • Jason

    I, for one, am a devoted Mac user…although, I’m not a rabid MacGeek like the people in this documentry. I work in the graphic design industry, and there is NO better machine to use for creative work than a Mac. I think anyone that resists Apple just has computer/technology envy. By the way…we Mac enthusists have alittle joke you PC users may or may not know. Q: “What does PC stand for?” A: “Piece of crap.”

    ’nuff said

  • Goon

    i know many rabid Mac people. they terrify me.

  • Goon

    btw, I work on Macs at school for graphics and they overheat and break down and freeze, not sometimes – CONSTANTLY – its not a matter of who is using it. CONSTANTLY. today I logged on, opened Firefox and then BAM, the red glow and whirring sound was deafening. Without the school technologist we’d probably be down to 4 useable machines in a classroom of around 35 computers or so.


    CONSTANTLY. these are top of the line G5’s.

    I have an old PC here at home and have never had a problem with a single thing. Is it perfect? Probably not. I’m not a computer geek, I dont know many things, but I know my computer works, and if I had the RISC chip computers we’re using at school, I’d be fucked. Don’t get me wrong, I like the computers I work on at school, they’re newer, faster, very nice widescreen, I like their keyboards more and I’ve grown fond of their OS. But people who tell me they’re these perfect machines can go fuck themselves. I’ve seen otherwise.

    now some Mac user will see this, digg it and will tell me i was just using it wrong or something. its like bashing Scientology. they put you on a list and then burn your house down. DO NOT SPEAK ILL OF THY MAC. THY MAC BEITH FLAWLESS MANNA FROM HEAVEN.

  • Hey, I love the idea of a Mac. They look nice, they are compact, and they have some great software. But in my experience it seems that Macs are not built for the power user, people who like to customize it and install a lot of extra software and whatnot.

    The funny thing is that nowadays, the differences between PCs and Macs are getting smaller and smaller. I’d like to see this movie just because I’m curious if it can justify all the crazy fanaticism.

  • Goon

    “the differences between PCs and Macs are getting smaller and smaller.”

    its really coming down to OS preferences really.