88 Minutes Trailer Starring Al Pacino


A few months back, a promo trailer popped up online for a new movie called Righteous Kill. It had a lot of people excited since it featured Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino back together on screen again, but the trailer itself seemed somewhat uninspired. The especially puzzling thing was the director behind said film… Jon Avnet of Fried Green Tomatoes fame?

Believe it or not, before even we get to see Righteous Kill, Avnet’s got another crime thriller coming down the pipe starring Al Pacino sans DeNiro. It’s called 88 Minutes, and it revolves around a forensic psychiatrist who helps put a serial killer on death row, only to receive a phone call one day saying he has just 88 minutes to live. It seems as though the gimmick here is the movie runs in real-time while he tries to unravel a plot to frame him for murder (and eventually kill him). We’ve seen this gimmick before in movies like Nick of Time starring Johnny Depp and Christopher Walken (not to mention a little TV show called 24).

There’s a part of me that kind of digs the whole cheesy “anonymous bad guy setting traps and giving clues over the phone” plot (what can I say, I miss the days of Speed and Die Hard With a Vengeance), but considering this is written by someone whose credits include The Fast and the Furious and Hollow Man, I can’t say I have high hopes. Check out the trailer over at Yahoo! now and see if it strikes your fancy. 88 Minutes hits theatres on April 18th.

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  • The guy who directed ‘The Core’ with the writer of ‘The Fast and The Furious’? Al Pacino has such good taste!

    This sounds like a razziewinner.

    On a sidenote, I did enjoy Hollow Man. But that was mainly because of the visual effects, they made it a very rewatchable movie for me.

  • I’m a little worried about this one, mostly because it’s played in a bunch of other markets and was held back in the US. That tells me that the studio is just looking to cash in on a quick buck. Not looking promising.

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  • Edmundo Dupont

    I’ve seen this film… it is an absolute abomination. Wait for the DVD.

  • Well if it’s an abomination I don’t think I’ll watch it on DVD either! ;)

    Poor Al Pacino.

  • Edmundo Dupont

    Good point. Although it’s worth a gander as a curiousity item – in essence, it’s a documentation of exactly how far the mighty have fallen. Despite the talent that’s in this film, there’s no point when it surpasses the level of straight-to-dvd release.

    And, boy oh boy is that leelee a bad actress. I’m talking Hilton bad.

    As for the ‘real time’ gimmick, I still think Hitchcock’s ‘Rope’ remains the best example.