Breaking News: Heath Ledger Found Dead in Manhattan Apartment


It sounds like a joke, but alas it is not. Heath Ledger was apparently found dead today in his Manhattan apartment after missing an appointment for a massage. It is believed that the death was drug-related, although details are still scarce at the moment.

As we all know, Ledger is starring as The Joker in the upcoming movie The Dark Knight, so who knows if this will be an obstacle to finishing the flick. It appears that production has wrapped, but it is unclear if they would need him for reshoots or additional dialogue recording (not to mention promoting the movie). Obviously it would be a problem for any future appearances of The Joker in forthcoming Batman movies. Crazy, crazy news. I guess after Brad Renfro’s death last week, it really is true that celebrity deaths come in pairs. We’ll have more on this story as it develops. (Thanks to Bryan for the heads up on this huge breaking news story.)

Update: A couple additional tidbits: it seems likely to have been an O.D. on over-the-counter sleeping pills (no hard drugs, at least), and the apartment in which he was living is owned by Mary-Kate Olsen!

  • RIP! :(

  • Sad. I really liked him as an actor, and he seemed pretty wicked in interviews as well.

    Is that picture really the right one though? I guess we can’t all get too emotional about everything. He is afterall, one among many.

  • I’m sorry that’s inappropriate.

    He *was* afterall, one among many.

  • Well that comes as a shocker!
    I never particularly liked Ledger playing teen-pop star actor (A Knight’s Tale) but I was amazed by his forthcoming performance as the new Joker.

    May he Rest in Peace

  • This is such a shame. This guy had an incredible career ahead of him.

  • Goon

    god thats crazy. 2 late 90s teen idols down.

    these things come in threes. If I were Devon Sawa I’d be very careful right about now.

  • Goon

    you know how cursed Terry Gilliam is? these are photos from the set of Heath’s next movie with Gilliam, with Heath hung by a noose.

  • Goon

    and it seems the site runner has taken that page down….

  • Within ten minutes of hearing this on the news, I had three separate people text-message me the news. I’ve never been a big fan of Ledger, but I guess I’m just enough of a comic book nerd that people felt I’d want to know that Joker was dead.

    This is horrible news though. I was just looking at his IMDb profile last night for some reason and was excited to see him involved in the new Terry Gilliam movie along with his upcoming performance in Dark Knight, which I’m looking forward to. I can only wonder what sort of impact this will have on Dark Knight. Even if they’ve completed filming, this has got to throw a few kinks into their advertising plans.

  • Goon

    that site i linked seems to be back up.

    also apparently the Olsen connection has been debunked/retracted by the NY TImes.

  • Raven

    This is so sad….a brilliant life cut short and now his lil girl is left without her dad…. I have always loved Heath, he was such a brilliant actor. You never saw him, you always saw his character, truly believable, awesome actor……

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