The Real J.J. Abrams Star Trek Teaser Trailer (UPDATED)

Well here it is… the first teaser trailer for the new Star Trek movie that’s playing in theatres with Cloverfield this weekend (not the fan-made one that’s been floating around). Yes, this is just a bootleg recording of it, but it’s very watchable and it’s not really something that you need to see in high-definition anyway. There isn’t all that much to comment on, but I do like the tie in with the NASA voice overs. Since this is a prequel of sorts, it sounds like they’re trying to keep it grounded in the real world as much as possible. Let us know what you think of the clip. I’ll put up a link to the official version as soon as it hits the web.

Update: The official site now has the trailer in streaming Flash and Quicktime HD, with an iPod-compatible version coming soon.

  • bryan


  • Awesome.

  • Gleenn

    Holy Crap I Can’t Wait!!!

  • Reed Farrington

    I can see this trailer appealing to fanboys like myself, but if Abrams wants to reach a wider fan base, I think he missed the mark with this trailer.

    When I say fanboys, I mean people who are into the tech of Star Trek, and who think the Enterprise is a major character.

    I hope Abrams doesn’t fall into the Star Trek: The Motion Picture trap of highlighting the tech with things like a 10 minute outside tour of the Enterprise. The irony is that the tagline was “The human adventure is just beginning,” but the story was about V’ger’s quest for meaning.

  • Well obviously this is nothing. Might as well put a card up saying “Star Trek is coming christmas 2008″. I am not surprised that the Enterprise is going to be in the film. I am liking the ‘Under Construction’¨card though… for some reason. For what they did, seemed like a good choice… I don’t think that the first trailer showing the building of the famous ship, is any sort of indication that the ship itself will be a major character in the narrative of the film. This is just to let people know there is a film coming… I don’t know how this will appeal to idiots (people who don’t already think Star Trek is integral to human existence) but there will probably be a trailer coming in the summer that has some explosions, and another trailer in the fall with even more explosions that might get people excited.

    I am pumped about this though. It’s such a fucking hard time. I hate the writers, they should die. But this film has the original Star Trek crew, which was created by Gene Roddenberry… I mean the characters are good (even if I did not ever watch the entire run of the original series) and the effects are updated… It should be good. It should be. It better be.

  • nerdy mcgeeker

    will we finally discover why star trek fans are morbidly obese in this movie? and does gene lucasberry rise from the grave and attack new yourk city?

  • ‘gene lucasberry’

    That’s actually pretty funny.

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  • Can somebody perhaps work some magic and direct me to somewhere where I can download the HD version?

  • That’s quality WEBMASTERING.

  • What were your thoughts Jay?

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  • Well Drew, I think there’s little to go by at this point, but I will say that the teaser felt different than just ‘another Star Trek movie’. It felt very clear that this was an attempt to reach a wider audience. I’m certainly glad they didn’t change the look of the ship that much.