Justice League Movie Scrapped… For Now


Alright comic book fans, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief. It looks like Warner Brothers have decided not to move forward with George Miller’s Justice League of America movie at this time. They have let the options lapse on the various casting contracts, and officially placed the movie on indefinite hold. Although part of the reason for the delay was because they felt the script needed some additional work, it also apparently had to do with the fact that they were still waiting to hear back on the possibility of government tax breaks for shooting the film in Australia.

Now, here’s the thing people probably don’t want to hear. According to the article at Variety, the rumours about the younger casting appears to have been true (Adam Brody as The Flash, Armie Hammer Jr. as Batman, Megan Gale as Wonder Woman), and the various cast members “were also assured the studio is determined to make the film with them in it”. So if you didn’t like the direction that the movie was heading in, don’t get too excited because there’s a very real possibility it could still happen. It all depends on if the young actors decide to find work elsewhere in the meantime, but as the article points out, Justice League is a huge project and they’ll probably leave their schedules open just for the possibility of starring such a major blockbuster.

As it stands right now, the project could start up again later this summer or sometime in the fall, depending on what happens with the WGA strike. Warner Brothers probably won’t want to let it slide completely unless they can get the next Superman film moving forward again; their 2009 release schedule is currently in desperate need of a superhero tentpole film.