Brad Renfro Found Dead at 25

20060224bradrenfro.jpgUnfortunate news from the magical world of Hollywood tonight. Actor Brad Renfro was found dead earlier today in his Los Angeles home. Probably best known for his roles in The Client and Apt Pupil, Renfro seems to have been in some trouble in the past few years, having been arrested for attempting to buy heroin from an undercover cop in 2005. That Larry Clark…what a bad influence! There’s not much information at this point, but according to CNN, Renfro was drinking with some friends last night. (What a scoop!) An autopsy will be conducted as early as Wednesday. Until then, I will consider watching Bully in his honour, but ultimately pass and settle for some PVR’d Cops.

  • This is too fucking creepy… I just got Bully in the mail from Blockbuster to watch this afternoon. It had been a movie I’d been interested in seeing for the longest time and I finally decided to get it and then this. Truly creepy…

  • Man I don’t get the appeal of Cops. All it is is violence.

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