Film Junk Podcast Episode #151: There Will Be Blood


0:00-05:25 – Intro
05:25-15:35 – Stuff We Watched This Week
15:35-18:20 – Greg’s HMV Story
18:20-34:23 – Junk Mail
34:23-50:30 – Review: There Will Be Blood
50:30-1:38:35 – Versus: P.T. Anderson vs Wes Anderson
57:00-1:04:25 – Top 5 Game Shows That Should Be Movies (And The Directors Who Should Direct Them)
1:04:25-1:05:35 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:05:35-1:07:03 – Outro

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  • I guess being a troll is more admirable to you than being an idiot?

  • Goon

    A more accurate description is that he’s “kidding on the square”

    being blatantly ironic, but being serious about enough things that it can be taken at face value. So to answer your question, it depends. From his example it was done clearly more for his own and others’ amusement than your own.

  • Drew

    can you guys put up the 1st episode?

  • Just for like a day or something, i’m dying to hear the 1st Episode of Film Junk

  • Well, I guess that depends. Do you want the first episode of Film Junk, or the first episode of Space Junk? Either way, they’re both pretty embarrassingly bad… although it does prove that the show has come a long way.

    I think I even have some old episodes of the university radio show Jay and I used to do. It wasn’t all movie talk, but we did review movies and talk about weird news sometimes. I’ll see what I can do.

  • I’d love to check out whatever you’ve got as well. Sure it would be fun.

  • anything would be awesome!