Wes Craven’s People Under The Stairs Remake To Become a Sequel Instead?


After the success of the new version of The Hills Have Eyes, it seems like just about every other Wes Craven movie is currently in the process of being remade right now including The Last House on the Left and The People Under the Stairs. Now I don’t know how other people feel about The People Under the Stairs (I don’t think it did all that well commercially) but I happen to have a soft spot for it personally. It is notable not only for an early performance by Ving Rhames, but also for reteaming Twin Peaks stars Everett McGill and Wendy Robie. It does seems like a bit of a strange choice to remake, however, considering it came out in the early 90’s and doesn’t really have the same huge cult following that a lot of other horror flicks do.

This week, Bloody Disgusting brings us news that the project may not actually be a remake but rather a sequel. According to an anonymous scooper, A.J. Langer is in talks to reprise her role as an older Alice, while Claire Coffee (General Hospital, The West Wing) has signed on to play Cecilia, an “English Major who is writing a book based on the events of the first movie”. IMDB already lists the project as The People Under the Stairs 2, so it all seems to jive. The thing that is worrying, however, is the fact that the main character of Fool will not be in the movie, nor will the man and woman played by Everett McGill and Wendy Robie. Without them, what’s the point of making a sequel? I suppose there may be newer, creepier occupants in the house years later, but I’m wondering if they might have been better off remaking it to begin with.

As a side note, there is also a Shocker remake in the works that Bloody Disgusting reported to be a sequel as well, based on the title Shocker: No More Mr Nice Guy. However, since that was also an alternate title for the original Shocker when it was released back in 1989, I don’t think that means anything (ie. the movie will probably still be a straight up remake).

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  • Captain N

    I used to love this movie. I will go see it.

  • Primal

    Oh yeah, include me into that cult following. This is what I considered as a kids movie back in the day. I don’t think I’d see a remake though, maybe called the main character Idiot and I’ll consider.

  • The first time I saw this, it scared me shitless. I refused (refused!) to go into the basement at night because I thought there could be people living in the small storage space under our stairs.

    It’s been years since I’ve seen it. Not sure I’d be up for a remake or a prequel but it’s a good reminder to give this another look.

  • the people under the stairs is one of my favorite movies of all time….. It was like the black version of Home alone Where the kid breaks into the housed instead of the reverse if their making a remake/sequel or what ever you can me in to be the one of the first to c it

  • uly

    i love this movie and i still watch it today. for the sequel, there should be a person playing fool. personally, i don’t know if the movie will b that good with out him. although, aj langer plays an awesome roll in the movie! :)

  • sharpshooter308

    I love this movie to death, but sequel is stupid. a remake will be awesome tho!! that movie not so cheesy with scary sets and effects would be amazing i think

  • Carnthead

    I love this movie and will watch anything they do with it, personally I think a remake would be waaaayyyy better than a sequel.
    Oh well lets see how it goes.
    P.S. Last House on the Left remake was a huge disappointment

  • I love this movie so much, but I’m not so sure about the sequel, but whatever Wes Craven does is amazing.

  • estevan

    What bout the people who was like the army through the wall