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It’s a little late, but it’s here. Welcome to the very first (and hopefully not the last) episode of the Fishing With Tom Video Podcast! This show is a sort of companion piece to a podcast hosted by myself, Sean and our good friend Tomas Bajuk back in the good ol’ days. (You can listen to all five episodes HERE) The idea is simple. We pose ridiculous questions to Tom and he tries his best to answer them as seriously as possible. In this episode, Tom catches us up on his new career as an Army man, and then things get wild when Tom discusses what he would do if animals suddenly turned on humans on a global scale. Check out the embedded video below, or click HERE to view Fishing With Tom in full 720p HD!!

Fishing With Tom Video Podcast from Jay Cheel on Vimeo.

  • I much preferred the audio podcasts to this rapid-fire, no time taken, quick-edit video version. None of the charm was there, because it was constant answers, and none of the hilarious and comforting babble-talk that made the 5 audio podcasts so good.

    You need the questions in there. You need to establish the humour that this is based on, otherwise it just becomes Tom rattling off answers without any context. I realize for a video you want to get it over with and edit as little as possible, but fuck the video then. Do the audio where it was charming and delicious and wonderful.

  • Well Henrik, this audio version is meant to be a companion piece to the podcast, not a replacement. It’s not meant to emulate what we have going on in the show. But your comments are under consideration either way.

  • Is there an audio version of this?

    I’m not trying to be mean, I just think at this point you have earned the right for your audience to be honest.

  • We will hopefully be recording a new fishing with tom soon. Whenever Tom is available.

  • This is slightly off the topic of the content but I am curious – why do you keep using that film-grain effect on your footage? It seems like anytime there is a Final Cut Pro effect on a black background you’re using some sort of effect to make the film seem grainy and dated. Is it to make a bigger contrast with the HD footage?

  • I only use it on titles. I hate the looks of FCP titles, so i throw it in now and again just to make them look a little more optical.

    Not something I would do on a real project unless it called for it.

  • I loved the serene quality that the video had with the soft music and moody outdoor scenery. Good music choice, good subject matter, but honestly my first thought when the video ended was “That’s it?” I sound like a douchebag saying that, but I guess I was expecting something more in the length range of the audio versions. Of course, this was at a point when I thought that the video version was going to be taking over for the audio, which, as you’ve explained above, is not true. I look forward to more audio versions of FWT as well as perhaps some more videos, but as it stands right now, this installment felt a bit more like a preview for an upcoming feature than a feature in itself. Again, I fear that I sound like an asshole saying that because I know that you put a lot of work into the video Jay, as you do with all the videos you make for the site, but it’s just meant as constructive criticism.

    As I said though, the video had a really great tone and mood. I really liked the close-ups and shots that were drawn out over the dialogue from incoming shots. I obviously don’t know Tom personally, but those sort of candid looks at him in between answers make him seem somehow frighteningly innocent, which is a humorous contrast to the fact that he’s talking about “shit pumps” and taking on hordes of attacking wildlife. You’ve also shown once more (just as was the case with the year end video podcast) your talent for choosing the best music to accompany a scene. All taken into account, the video is great, if not a bit abrupt.

  • We had actually recorded an audio podcast the same night, and the video podcast was meant to be an added bonus to the audio. In the end, I chose to scrap the audio because I don’t think it was in the spirit of the other shows, so we may re-record that in the future. I figured I’d release the video as a stand alone instead.

    It’s strange because I’m oddly attracted to abrupt endings. Any time anyone has said ‘that’s it?’ I’ve responded with ‘PERFECT!’. In this case, however, the abruptness was not a style choice, but rather simply because of the fact this was meant to be a companion piece.

    Either way, stay tuned for a new podcast in the near future!

  • Don’t get me wrong, I like a good abrupt ending as much as anyone. No Country For Old Men and Death Proof come to mind in recent memory. The “that’s it” was more based on the brief length of the video than the abrupt stop. I fully understand what you’re saying about the fact that it’s meant as a companion piece and not a stand-alone though. I’m looking forward to more FWT either way.

  • By the way, is there perhaps some more Cantankerous in our future? I sure hope so. You should do a video podcast where Tom and Reed answer the same questions and then have to break into fisticuffs to determine a Q&A podcast victor. My money is on Tom.

  • theman

    That Camera is amazing jay. I have the DVX 100. I want to up grade to yours next year and shot a feature hopefully.

  • theman: I am VERY pleased with the HVX. I was a little hesitant when I decided to use my house savings to invest in new gear, but in the end it’s been a great decision that has allowed me the opportunity to take on projects that I wouldn’t have had a chance to do otherwise. I highly recommend it. As far as the DVX, I know the documentary Darkon was shot on that, and it was a recommendation from one of it’s directors that eventually led me to the HVX.

    Rian and Henrik: It’s good to be in a position where people are asking for longer videos. I don’t take offense at all. It just gives me the motivation to step things up for the next one.

    As for Cantankerous, I’ll talk with Reed and see if we can work something out for the near future.

  • theman:

    By the way, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Red camera by now, but check out this piece of footage shot by some guys in a subway:

    Currently a $17,000 camera (Not including the $10,000 zoom lens) but in a few years, this is what affordable prosumer movie making will be all about. Feature film quality home movies.

  • Damn Jay, the footage from that Red camera is amazing! Imagine how close you could zoom into Greg’s beard with that thing…

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  • Connor G.

    I’m kinda suprised to see you say you didnt have the charm or hilarity of the audio versions henrik, I actually found the irony of the deep reflective music playing while tom was considering how he would wage war with wildlife quite funny and offbeat. The same sort of feeling I would get with the audio versions. Just differing opinions I guess.

  • Jay, PLEASE release that audio version you had.

  • RockJoker

    That was pretty good.)