Weird Web Wednesdays: The Dark Knight Starring Adam West


We’ve got some real internet magic for you this week on Weird Web Wednesday. You know that trailer for The Dark Knight that’s got everyone so pumped up for the film? Well now you can see how much better the movie would be if Adam West and Burt Ward were back in the saddle. The lip sync is a little questionable at points, but it’s still pretty hilarious and forces me to pose the question: why so serious?? Also check out David Lynch’s polite message for people who watch movies on their iPhone, Bill Gates’ star-studded CES vid, and the coolest politician ever name-dropping Klingons and Vulcans in the White House. I’ll definitely be voting for that guy, whoever he is.

The Dark Knight 1966 Style
The Dark Knight 1989 Style
Bud Light Dude Commercial
David Lynch iPhone PSA
Bill Gates Rock Out with Slash
Bill’s Last Day at Microsoft (with Special Guests)
Conan O’Brien sings Blue Moon of Kentucky
Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker Belt Buckle
Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kick Political Ad Rebuttal
Teen Witch Rap
Russ Gets Pepper Sprayed
Drunk History Starring Michael Cera
Real Geezers Review Superbad
Michel Gondry Gets Followed by his Poo
Action Circle: Best Rhythm Game Ever
The Snuggler
Star Trek References in the White House

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  • Matt

    I didn’t know Reed Farrington was a politician.

    Another piece of the puzzle…

  • Holy shit that congressman looks and talks like Reed Farringtons uncle. That may have been, the funniest thing I have ever seen.