Day Zero Trailer Starring Elijah Wood

Over the last year or two, we haven’t seen Elijah Wood on screen quite as much as you might expect, especially for someone who starred in the Lord of the Rings mega-franchise. My first instinct is that it was his own choice to slow down his career, but considering some of the upcoming projects he’s involved in lately, I have to wonder if he’s suddenly struggling to find decent roles.

A new trailer has arrived for his next movie, Day Zero (not to be confused with Zero Day, a fictional take on Columbine). The intriguing concept asks the following question: what if the U.S. were to reinstate the military draft? After recently watching the documentary No End in Sight and hearing how undermanned the American army really is, the idea doesn’t seem all that crazy. Unfortunately the trailer looks pretty cheesy to me and seems like something that should be below Elijah Wood.

The story mainly focuses on the characters trying to set their lives straight in the 30 days before they go off to war. I can’t say I’m all that interested. I actually prefer the old trailer that’s been floating around YouTube for a while now. Day Zero hits select theatres on January 18th; take a look and see what you think.

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  • Yikes. That’s not promising. And for whatever reason, I kept thinking back to the “Stop-Loss” trailer.

    But wow, Ally Sheedy. Where the heck has she been hiding for the last 20 years? This is the first time I’ve seen her since Short Circuit.

  • I’ve been an Elijah Wood fan since I first saw The Faculty (that’s right…The Faculty), but this film just looks like a preachy, topical throwaway movie. No thanks.

  • Billy Joel

    eh. not much is “below” elijah wood these days (figuratively or literally).

  • Yo

    sorry gang, you’re all very wrong. i saw this flik at tribeca last may and it was awesome. it’s definitely not preachy in fact it’s the opposite, thought provoking. plus elijah is great as is jon bernthal (maybe even better than elijah).

    i’m bringing a bunch of friends to see it in nyc who missed it at tribeca.