Hayden Christensen to Play Case in William Gibson’s Neuromancer?


When it was announced last year that William Gibson’s landmark cyberpunk novel Neuromancer was finally being turned into a movie after like 20 years of development hell, I wasn’t all that pleased to hear that Joseph Kahn (Torque) would be at the helm. Still, now that I’ve had some time to ponder the situation a little more, I am willing to give him a shot. Believe it or not, a music video director is probably the ideal person to provide interesting visuals for a cerebral story like Neuromancer.

So now the casting rumour mill has started up, and according to JoBlo, Anakin Skywalker himself, Hayden Christensen, will star as the cynical yet gifted hacker Case. Although in the past I’ve complained about his performance in Star Wars: Episodes 2 and 3, I will readily admit that they could do a lot worse.

The other interesting tidbit that has come to light is the fact that the movie will be produced independently, but with an unusually large budget of $70 million. If anything, the fact that no major studios are involved is a great sign that they will be able to remain true to the book. Consider me cautiously optimistic. Alas the movie is still at least a year out… it’s currently being prepped for a 2009 release.

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  • Daniel

    Sorry. I’d like to think I’m a forgiving guy, but teaming up with George Lucas to shit on my childhood is as unpardonable as it gets. If he’s picked, I won’t be seeing the film.

  • The fact that it’s a large budget indie is promising but nothing else about the project seems to be going in the right direction. I’ve nearly given up on Christensen. Hopefully Jumper won’t put the last nail in the coffin.

  • Andreas

    I don´t particularly see Hayden as the best choice for the role, but I´m just stoked the movie finally is being made. I´m a bit sceptic whether they´ll be able to capture the Gibson´s “true” cyberpunk visuals and mood, but I guess its worth a shot. Would have felt a lot more comfortable and hopeful if I new the director a bit more.
    Recently finished wathing the Final Cut of Bladerunner and that triggered my needs for this movie to his the big screen even more.

  • Well, I suffered through Keanu as John Constantine.
    I don’t have a choice but to see it…Hollywood,
    do your worst!!

  • Ryan

    Hayden Fagginson greatly enjoys the activity of gargling balls. He is not Case. I really don’t wanna see the failure of the first William Gibson movie (off his most lauded work) plague the chance of any others. And Torque sucked. It was so fucking stupid. I’d like to see this project burn.

  • Grey

    Wow- could they have gone any lower to find such a no-talent fucktard to play Case? Christensen has no business acting whatsoever, much less as the lead in the singular most influential sci-fi book of all time…

    I guess I’m just going to have to prepare myself for it to suck. Countless fans, like myself, who have dreamed of the day when this classic hits the big screen will have their hopes dashed like an empty beer bottle hurled from the top of a parking garage. And all because some worthless, clamoring casting director isn’t awake enough to grasp that the majority of America hates Hayden (and George Lucas for falling in love with him). Who’s next on this retard romper room list? Maybe Seann Willams Scott can play Yonderboy for a bit of comic relief, The Rock can play Lonnie Zone, Jet li can cameo as Hideo… ooh- you think Jack Nicholson can have a quick run as Ratz the bartender? Or should we give that to Tom Waits? I know- Britney Spears as 3Jane; certainly equal to Hayden in terms of talent and likability.

    Fuck Hollywood. They are going to ruin what could be a masterpiece….

  • teague

    they should be letting another country make the film. not Hollywood because the movie will just be 1 hour of explosions and 1 hour of crap romance. i say let the japs make it

  • Trev ize

    Wow- could they have gone any lower to find such a no-talent fucktard to play Case? Christensen has no business acting whatsoever, much less as the lead in the singular most influential sci-fi book of all time…

    most influential of all time.

    Uh, no.

    I love neuromancer, but it comes nowhere close to most influential. While I would want to say Dune holds that spot, I would probably have to admit that Star Wars has probably influenced more people than Jesus (although even SW shows influences from Dune, Tattooine anyone?).

    This is a make or break role for little Anakin, if he does the part. Let’s hope he has the chops to portray a true addict to drugs we know nothing about.

    As for the director, at least Uwe Boll didn’t get a hold of it. While my hopes aren’t that high, I will leave final judgement until I actually see something. At least the project is in real production. Maybe we will get a cool remake in 20 years or so . . .

  • hansu

    Why? Why, why, why, why? This guy is a lousy actor. I mean really. they couldn’t find anyone else? Hayden Christianson is such a huge box office draw that they just couldn’t pass him up? Really?

  • pen

    they should just not make this book a movie, it’s better as a book. most books are better as books…but people don’t like to read anymore I guess so…yea

  • Neuromancer

    It doesn’t matter let them screw it up, it will be just as if the film had never been made, someone else will come along later and do it right . Why? Because it so needs to happen.
    There are a million shitty films out there, this one will vanish into the mist and no one will give a damn.
    Later Japan or the Korea will come along and do it correctly.

  • Cate

    GEEZ…why are GUYS so doggone JEALOUS of HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN? I think he’s PERFECT for the part and I have read the book several times! HE is a GREAT ACTOR – went to a prestigeous York Drama school all through high school and Lee Strassberg’s New York Acting School along with Scarlett JoHansen. He’s been acting since the age of 7 and had a steady gig at 12 on a soap and has continued up the ladder ever since. I’d like to see ONE of you guys accomplish anything close to what he has accomplished. Another thing, if you would check sources, HAYDEN has said in many interviews that he is NOT gay. Tom Hanks, Heath Ledger, Jake Gllenhal, and James Franco have all PLAYED GAY ROLES but are ALL straight. HOLLYWOOD REQUIRES their actors to be able to play ALL ROLES, it’s a JOB after all – a way to make a living. Hayden has also played roles with a gay bent, that does not make him gay either. I mean really, how much of a duffis are you anyway? So get over it guys, we gals LIKE him, his acting and his movies! He will do FABULOUS IN THIS MOVIE!