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0:00-05:05 – Intro – Episode #150!
05:05-14:20 – In-house Announcements – Fishing With Tom, Jay’s New Horror Movie
14:20-29:30 – Greg and Jay Rant About Working in Retail
29:30-43:28 – Stuff We Watched This Week
43:28-1:01:50 – Junk Mail
1:01:50-1:23:04 – Review: Juno
1:23:04-1:51:00 – Review: My Kid Could Paint That
1:51:00-2:03:18 – Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2008
2:03:18-2:11:30 – Film Junk Defense Force: Independence Day
2:11:30-2:13:20 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:13:20-2:14:47 – Outro

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  • Goon

    i skipped right to the Juno review immediately :P

    I like Juno less and less the more I think about it. That only happens to me every so often, but a piece of crappy ‘honest to blog’-esque dialogue just pops back in my head, or another forced quirky moment… its like nails on a chalkboard to me.

    It all comes back to how forced and shallow every scene is – it isnt a matter of needing a movie to be realistic or not. its about being real within the world Cody has put this movie in. Tarantino or Anderson or others make their bizarre characters fit. Cody and Reitman failed. Juno’s character is ALWAYS on, no matter what situation, this bitch motormouth, day or night, even when breaking her water… god i mean fuck off Cody. It isnt whether or not she likes Dario Argento, its just this retarded snappy screenplay masturbation putting constant one liners in place of actual conversation.

    I think I gave it a 1.5/4 or something like that, but if it continues to rape my headspace or if i get roped into seeing it again, i could limbo that down to a 1.

  • I guess it’s all about tolerance. How much of the bullshit you can tolerate. When I complained about characters being too self-referential in Children of Men I was booed of the boards, but in Juno it’s a major concern.

    Greg, I think you’re a charming and personable guy, and I hate having to play the part of the stereotypical intolerant asshole here, but hearing you say things like “the idea of abstract art is ridiculous” makes you sound culturally superficial to the point where it makes me alittle bit angry at you. I mean, you do like wrestling, but you’re not completely unaware when it comes to the films that you like. How can you hold such an uninformed and childish view on artistic expression? I’m with Sean in that I have no idea how something is valued, I would guess it’s done by supply and demand. But I like abstract art. I don’t know anything about Jackson Pollock (I haven’t even seen the movie even though it has both Marcia Gay Harden and Ed Harris), but when I visited MOMA in New York I spend a good 15 minutes in front of a painting of his. It is interesting to look at, it makes you feel something. Alot of abstract art isn’t going to speak to you, but unless you’re completely ignorant towards standing still and thinking about the way visuals work on you, you can not dismiss abstract art in such a blatant way.

    With that said, I am also with Sean in his defense of Independence Day! That’s a pretty kickass movie, with Will Smith being funny and charming and Jeff Goldblum being neurotic and Brent Spiner stealing the show. It’s basically War of the Worlds, which is a good story, and it’s superior to the Steven Spielberg version (which I guess is faithful to the novel which I have no interest in reading) because it doesn’t take itself seriously. It has victory cigars, not Tom Cruise yelling at his son not to attack the aliens because maybe he will die.

    And finally, Star Trek all the way. I miss the Enterprise alot, and thinking about a new movie coming out makes me emotional. It’s tough because it’s coming from the guys who made Transformers, but I can’t help it. I so much want it to be good.

  • Defending Independence Day? Oi! You’ve got to be kidding me, yet I am equally intrigued. This sounds like a great episode guys!

  • Goon

    I illustrate for a living and even I don’t give much of a crap about abstract art. There’s some that I like, and in a design context I like it a lot more. But I understand that when it comes to art, or well, anything, somethings value/worth is only what you’re willing to pay for it.

  • Haven';t even listened yet and I’ll defend ID4 all day long. It’s a lot better than Hulk ;)

  • Matt

    Jay, you forgot to mention Resident Evil 3 being rented at That’s Entertainment under the name ‘Residing Evil 3′.

    It’s a shame people (me) have to work at a place like this. But what can you do when HMV *cough* doesn’t hire you…

    Anyways, can’t wait for the horror pre-production to begin.

  • Primal

    Congratulations on 3 years of podcasting guys! I’ve only been a film junkie since May and if you never were on the F4FF I probably wouldn’t of ever known about the site. I always look forward to any of the audio/visual content you guys bring to the site. If I were filthy rich and had my own company and you guys threatened to shut down and go to another site, I’d definitely employ all of you so you could continually give us great video content. But I’m just a lowly college student.

  • Much appreciated Primal.

    Be sure to keep us posted on your financial status in the future.

  • Paris Je’Taime. #7 on my top ten of all year. Everyone should check it out. It’s awesomely beautiful.

  • Greg


    I wouldn’t say I have a childish view towards artistic impression and I don’t think it’s an uninformed opinion in any way. Here’s my opinion: An artist paints an abstract picture on a canvass. That type of art does not appeal to me. That’s about as an informed opinion as you need. I believe on the show I said…and I am paraphrasing here “for those that make a living out it and want to express themselves that way….all the power to them. be creative.” The idea of people making money off of it is silly to me. It’s just not my cup of tea when it comes to art and I think the people that spend thousands of dollars on it could probably find a better use for the money.

    I wouldn’t call you an asshole, either….but there’s no reason to be angry. Where’s the love, dude?

    Thanks for listening to the show.

  • The money side of it I can more easily understand. I agree that sometimes it seems ridiculous how much money gets thrown around when it comes to art, any art for that matter. The money involved in american filmmaking is preposterous.

    I guess it’s fair enough if you just don’t feel like spending time on it. It’s just when you call it ridiculous… That rubs me the wrong way.

    I do feel some love though. And nothing is as bad that it isn’t good for something, I did laugh quite a bit at the excessive swearing when you were talking about the art and its patrons.

  • Schneider! Haha! How many people got that joke?

  • Guys, those were two great reviews this week! They were both long and full of debate. When the three of you with your diverse set of interests and beliefs get going on a film the way you did with both Juno and My Kid Could Paint That, that’s when the Film Junk Podcast is at it’s best. Hearing funny stories about work or health issues is certainly fun and interesting, but reviews like the two this week are why I keep coming back.

    On the subject of abstract and/or modern art, I’m a freelance artist and graduate of a three year art school, and I tend to think that abstract art is bullshit. Yes, some of it can be interesting to look at or pleasing to the eye, but it takes almost no talent to produce. Argue that fact all you want, but as long as you have hands and aren’t color blind, you can produce abstract art as easily as anyone else. And to go along with what I just said, take a look at the paintings of Duncan Fegredo sometime. He’s color blind, but does some of the most beautiful paintings I’ve ever seen (non-abstract paintings, in fact).

    I feel the same way that Sean does about Independence Day. I saw it in the theater when I was younger and had a blast watching it repeatedly on video afterward. Over the years it’s remained a movie that I can sit down and watch when I’m bored and still thoroughly enjoy. Other films that have the same effect on me are Armageddon, Men In Black, Bad Boys, Con Air, and The Rock. None of them are great, but all of them are just fun to pop in to pass the time when you don’t feel like thinking too hard.

    I also have essentially the same feelings as Sean about Paris Je T’aime. Going into the film I expected to come away from it loving some of the segments, disliking others, and feeling so-so about the rest. Instead I ended up not particularly liking or hating any of them. Overall I found the film to be a very forgettable experience.

  • Thanks for the comments Rian. It’s also fun for us when we’re reviewing movies that deserve a fair amount of discussion.

    I have to admit, The Rock is the one Michael Bay movie I actually like… although I haven’t watched it in forever. Perhaps it will be a candidate for a future Film Junk Defense Force segment!

  • Primal

    Film Junk defending Michael Bay!?! I thought I’d never see the day. I do really like The Rock though. Believe it or not, there is A Criterion Collection dvd of the film, but it has been discontinued.

  • Hey Primal,

    I actually own the Criterion release of The Rock. I saw it used for 19 bucks so I picked it up. I would agree it’s the best out of Bay’s films.

  • The Rock is good in spite of Michael Bay. Criterion also released Armageddon though, which is a horrible and boring film. If you’re gonna dish out cash for a Criterion release, why not get Carl Th. Dreyer’s La Passion de Jeanne D’Arc instead?

  • Because it wasn’t used for 19.99.

  • I was just speaking in generel terms. I didn’t mean to attack your purchase. I own The Rock as well, the 2disc collector’s edition.

  • joe

    Good show guys.

    I loved Independence Day, too. I didn’t think it was very patriotic, really. It was more “this scientist and air force guy are the best”… not “this country is the best.” The movie wasn’t meant to be taken too seriously anyways. I didn’t know people disliked it so much? All of my friends loved it. Admittedly, we were all teenagers at the time, or even a little younger than that. I still love to watch it when it’s on TV. One of those movies that you can memorize all the lines and act along with it!

  • joe

    ps Greg, you sound like a pretty awesome boss. It’s comforting to have reasonable, no-bullshit bosses… I’m lucky to have some at my job, so I can appreciate it! I also like your interview technique of asking movies, mentioned in previous podcasts.