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06:30-20:50 – Stuff We Watched This Week
20:50-34:12 – Junk Mail
34:12-53:00 – Tangent on Camera Movement and Cinematography
53:00-1:06:48 – Junk Mail (continued)
1:06:48-1:26:00 – Review: Sweeney Todd
1:26:00-1:47:50 – Versus: Jackass vs Tom Green
1:47:50-2:00:30 – Trailer Trash
2:00:30-2:01:20 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:01:20-2:04:20 – Outro

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  • Oh and I do seem to recall one of you guys saying you prefer Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music or that Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music was better or something like they both sound the same.

    I’m as big a film buff as you guys. I also find it frustrating when people shun a film because it’s in black & white and/or subtitled. I find it doubly frustrating when self-proclaimed film buffs shun the musical genre. No other genre takes more abuse and ridicule than the musical.

  • Well that’s a shitty analogy. Black/White or subtitled films aren’t a genre, whereas musical is. They all follow specific conventions and adhere to the same rules, only the subject matter changes within the structure. So it’s fair for somebody to say they just don’t like it when the dialogue is being sung for no other reason than to hear a song. But it is NOT okay for somebody to say they dislike all Black/White, subtitled or silent films, because they are as different as oranges and geologists.

  • Irvin,

    I may have said that Webber and Sondheim’s music sounds the same TO ME, someone who’s not a fan of musicals and couldn’t really elaborate on the subtle difference between certain broad way composers. That’s not to say that someone like yourself, who enjoys the musical, can’t tell the difference. I think I touched on this in my previous post regarding white metal vs. black metal and so on.

    As for your analogy, I’d have to agree with Henrik that it’s not a very good one. You can have both colour AND black and white musicals and there will be people who will not like them simply because they are musicals, not because of their technical presentation.

  • Let mee compare it with something more apt: Science-fiction, horror and fantasy. Why do you sci-fi/fantasy/horror fans can easily suspend disbelief on stories about people with superhuman strength who fly, aliens from another planet fighting each other, ghosts who come out of the TV, etc. but you get turned off in disbelief every time people in musicals sing and dance? I believe one of the reasons for this is that musicals nowadays are associated with homosexuality.

    This is why most straight males (who compose majority of the film audience) close themselves off to musicals. Any musical is stupid and “gay”. Liking musicals is gay. Liking showtunes is gay. I can’t help but wonder what percentage of self-professed film geeks who turn a blind eye towards musicals do so because of their own latent homophobia?

  • Irvin,

    I have no problem suspending my disbelief when it comes to musical numbers in movies. One of my favourite scenes in film is the musical interlude in Rio Bravo, which is way ‘gayer’ than johnny depp slitting throats.

    I just don’t like broad way musicals. It’s as simple as that.

    I really don’t understand how you just can’t fathom the idea of someone not liking musicals. It MUST be because they are latent homosexuals, right? That’s even worse than your black and white analogy.

  • If you don’t like musicals, fine. Not everyone’s gonna like everything but my point is no other genre gets more hatred than musicals. There’s a huge difference between “I hate” and “not a fan”.

    I didn’t say that you’re a latent homoSEXUAL if you hate/shun musicals, I’m saying you’re a latent homoPHOBE. I’m sure there are at least a few straight guys out there who avoid musicals like the plague because they’re afraid to like it. They subconsciously fear that liking musicals will make them gay. It also doesn’t help that most mainstream films and TV shows almost always depict a gay male character as a lover of musicals.

  • You’re a fucking asshole. Guilt by association may work in your little social-group where everybody agrees, but saying that somebody is an unadmitted homophone because they don’t sung dialogue is fucking ridiculous. Get out of your high-school world and join the rest of us Irvin.

  • Irvin, I will agree that some guys probably don’t give musicals a chance because they are homophobic. For us personally, however, I can definitely say that this is not the case. I think it has more to do not liking the music itself, or the types of stories being told in them. I like to think I can appreciate the art that goes into making a musical, but personally I just don’t get much out if it.

    I went into Sweeney Todd knowing it was a musical, and that I generally don’t find musicals all that interesting, but I was still hoping that I would like it. I said in the review that I still want to see Across the Universe, and I am also interested in Once. I’m not going to write off an entire genre, but it doesn’t change the fact that my personal taste leans away from it.

  • I never said EVERYONE who doesn’t like musicals is like that. I said AT LEAST A FEW who actively HATE them are.

    The musical is probably the most maligned movie genre. Personally I don’t think it deserves it. I love the musical as much as any film genre. You have no idea how many self-proclaimed film lovers I’ve encountered in both message boards and in real life who flat-out refuse to even see “Singin’ in the Rain” or “The Wizard of Oz”. Hearing reports of walk-outs within the first half-hour of “Sweeney Todd” and people laughing during the singing parts pisses me off.

    I think film lovers should be open to ALL film genres up to and including the musical. Even if you don’t like a genre, there should be at least one or two movies of that genre that you like (or even love) and be open-minded enough to check out the best of what that genre can offer.

  • Irvin,

    May I remind you that I gave Sweeney Todd a 3 out of 4?

    One second you say it’s fine if I don’t like musicals because not everyone is going to like everything, then the next second you say the reason I don’t like musicals is because i’m a latent homophobe.

    Does the fact that I’m wearing a Trading Spaces shirt win me any points? Afterall, ONLY latent homosexuals watch interior decorating shows right?

  • “I didn’t say that you’re a latent homoSEXUAL if you hate/shun musicals, I’m saying you’re a latent homoPHOBE.”

    How am I supposed to interpret this? I don’t mind musicals to the point where I go in expecting to be bothered by the singing, but I do agree that alot of the ‘films’ based on broadway musicals suck balls. The songs don’t hold up when you’re not watching the live performance. And most of the movie musicals, like say, Meet Me In St. Louis, were made in a time where alot of stuff was annoying, not only the songs.

    In general, any audience just has problems accepting unexplained behavior. If somebody decides to kill somebody else, you always look for something to explain this, and the same when somebody starts to sing. On the stage the singing is a show, in a movie there is already a show going on. Music is already a part of every movie (whereas the musicals on stage work as counterpoints to traditional plays) and taped performances to lip-synching have nowhere near the same effect as a live performance.

    I can’t wait to see Sweeney Todd though. As long as there are a few good melodies in there, I’m sure I will love it. Even though Johnny Depp sounds like he’s struggling to sing the simplest tune.

  • >>One second you say it’s fine if I don’t like musicals because not everyone is going to like everything, then the next second you say the reason I don’t like musicals is because i’m a latent homophobe.<<

    I never said YOU specifically. I was talking about other people I’ve met on-line.

  • “I didn’t say that you’re a latent homoSEXUAL if you hate/shun musicals, I’m saying you’re a latent homoPHOBE.”

    Sorry, guess I misunderstood that?

  • Either way, there’s no denying there’s people out there that think musicals are ‘gay’. I’m just not one of them. I don’t like them for different reasons.

    For me, musicals are like anime. I have yet to really come across one I’ve really liked, but i’m open to the idea.

  • I meant ‘you’ as a general term. Not ‘you’ specifically ‘you’.

  • I saw Sweeney Todd and I think it fucking rules. Insanely hilarious. I had forgotten how much humour there is in Tim Burtons films. Amazing. I didn’t have a problem with people singing instead of talking, not much of a difference to me.

    I think Sacha Baron Cohen should have been nominated for an Oscar.