Forgetting Sarah Marshall Trailer Starring Kristen Bell and Jason Segel

forgettingsarahmarshall.jpgIntroducing the next in a long line of Judd Apatow-produced comedies: Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This one stars Kristen Bell and Freaks & Geeks cohort Jason Segel, who at this point is one of the few Apatow collaborators who has yet to headline his own film. While some may think there’s a good reason for this, I happen to like Segel. He also wrote the script, and he’s obviously written something that plays to his strengths, since we all know what a great obsessive ex-boyfriend he can be.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is not directed by Apatow but rather Nicholas Stoller, who is taking his first stab at directing after writing some episodes of Undeclared and also the Jim Carrey movie Fun with Dick and Jane. Paul Rudd and Jonah Hill also make appearances in the film. I can’t say it looks amazing, but I think it shows enough potential that I’ll probably check it out. Judd Apatow will turn all his buddies into stars if it’s the last thing he does! Check out the trailer over at Yahoo! and give us your thoughts. Forgetting Sarah Marshall hits theatres on May 30th.

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  • I didn’t laugh at all during the trailer, though I did break into a smile. Same thing, not running out to see it but I’m sure I could be convinced, especially if Rudd is in there some where.

  • One word for this trailer and most likely this movie: standard.