My Name is Bruce Trailer Starring Bruce Campbell

A lot of fanboys have been waiting a long time to see the trailer for Bruce Campbell’s next movie, My Name is Bruce… and now that day has finally arrived! This is the second movie that Campbell has directed himself, with the first one being the borderline unwatchable (or so I hear) Man with the Screaming Brain. This one looks like it could be a lot of fun though. The movie blurs the line between Bruce Campbell the actor and Bruce Campbell the man, when a group of his fans recruit him to help defeat some demons that they have unwittingly unleashed on a small town in Oregon. My Name is Bruce was written by Mark Verheiden (Timecop, Battlestar Galactica, Smallville) and it definitely brings to mind the same tone as Don Coscarelli’s highly praised Bubba Ho-Tep. So with everyone chomping at the bit, the question is, when will this bad boy finally get released? Bruce Campbell’s website says the DVD is coming Fall 2007, but there have been reports of some reshoots to add more monster scenes, and something tells me we’re actually looking at a 2008 release. There is also a My Name is Bruce comic book coming in January, and rumour has it that a sequel called My Name is Still Bruce may already be in the works! Check out the trailer below.

[gv data=”QZLv3Z7L5lY”][/gv]

  • TheMentalSyzygy

    Uh.. so is it just me or is making fun of Asian people OK all the time? This plot is really offensive and it pains me to see Bruce Campbell as a part of this mess. Thumbs down for me.

  • BC for PREZ

    OFFENSIVE? How can you be offended when you’re not even an AZN? You look paki to me. Try not being a pussy and stop getting boned in the ass by your uncle and maybe you’d not be so easily offended.


    Don’t like it? Don’t see it.