You Don’t Mess With The Zohan Trailer Starring Adam Sandler

The first trailer for Adam Sandler’s next movie You Don’t Mess with the Zohan has premiered online this week, and although it does look like a slightly different role for him, I gotta say, once again the trailer simply failed to induce laughter for me. I was expecting a bit more considering that the movie was co-written by Judd Apatow (and Robert Smigel as well), but I found that I couldn’t shake the feeling that Sandler was doing a Borat impression most of the time. Sandler stars as Zohan, an undercover Israeli commando who moves to New York to live out his dream of becoming a hair stylist. While parodying the Mossad seems kind of unique (if a little bit touchy), this whole flamboyant hair stylist gag been done to death already (I’m thinking of The Big Tease, but I’m sure there are others too). While Adam Sandler’s name pretty much guarantees box office success, I wonder if this one might be straying a little too far outside of his audience’s usual fare (and yet not far enough outside to attract a different crowd). There are also plans to promote the flick with an online animated series called The Adventures of Zohan, which will be eventually show up on the official website. You Don’t Mess with the Zohan hits theatres on June 6th, 2008; watch the new trailer via the link below.

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  • Fizzle

    i like adam sandler, i even thought chuck and larry was funny and i enjoy the cameos from rob and the gang in most his films, but the whole time watching this trailer it did sound like he was doing a borat impersanation and even trying to make borat one liners like “big bang boo” or something like that. I don’t even think he needs an accent for this film. How do the writers get away with such a horrible plot line? Who comes up with this stuff? It doesn’t make any sense!

  • I have never laughed at an Adam Sandler movie. He was one of the funniest cats on SNL, but when he made that move to the big screen, it seemed (to me) like that magic was gone. In a strange twist I think he does really well with his dramatic roles (Yes, including the despised “Spanglish”).

    Having said all that, I admit I did chuckle a few times during this trailer.

  • This guy is not funny.

  • Richard

    Adam rulez!

    I love all his movies, and its so funny to see Rob Schneider come back in his movies.

    Im for sure gonna enjoy this movie also