Lost Season 4 Theatrical Trailer

In case you needed proof that Lost will indeed return to the airwaves in early 2008, here’s the trailer for season 4 that will be playing in U.S. theatres this month. As expected, it shows nothing but a random montage of quick shots, although I’m sure if you want to freeze frame and dissect every image, there’s probably something hidden in there. The season premiere is tentatively set for February 6th, 2008. Oh, and they still have more of those short webisodes going online over on the official site… not that anyone’s actually watching them.

[gv data=”kcdfL7tejkc”][/gv]

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  • Aaron

    I would watch the webisodes or whatever they are… but I cant… because I live in Canada. Which makes sense because you know all Canadians do is steal free stuff. Yeah because free stuff can be stolen. Right.

  • How much of a confirmation do we have on the February 6th date?
    I really hope it stick because I remember thinking, back in may, that a 9 months Lost free would be eternity. If they have to push this back, I might just flip out.

    As for the 4th season, I’m really looking forward to it as the ending of last season got me guessing what direction the show would take. Are we going to see flash forwards like that last episode or is the “future” gonna be the present time and looking at flashbacks from the island? I think it’s too much of a push to reverse their formula, or a cheap way to refresh the show. Either way, I’ll be in front of my tv screen February 6th and I sure hope Lost will be airing.

  • A morbid reminder that we may never get a resolution to our favorite shows.