Superbad Pulled from Wal-Mart Shelves in Hawaii?

Once again, the evil forces of Wal-Mart are conspiring to prevent the good citizens of this land from exercising their freedom to choose! Apparently the special edition release of Superbad on DVD has been yanked from store shelves in Hawaii… can you guess the reason why? That’s right, it’s the fake McLovin driver’s license that comes with the DVD. It seems the Mayor of Honolulu doesn’t want kids knowing what a real Hawaii driver’s license looks like, so he requested that the product be pulled. Since there are obviously no other retail stores in Hawaii other than Wal-Mart, he has come up with the perfect solution to this heinous problem!

Okay, so seriously… is this really true? Can any of our Hawaii readers confirm it? There are so many reasons why this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. First of all, the ID card that comes with the DVD is actually a hologram, so as to prevent anyone from mistaking it for a real ID. Secondly, if people are looking to make fake IDs, I don’t think they need to buy a copy of Superbad to see what a real one looks like. Please someone tell me this is nothing more than a publicity stunt. Please!

  • Can’t believe this either. This HAS to be a joke, right? However, since I heared about the minor guy getting a blow job from a minor and then being sentenced to prion for 10 years, I blieve everything is possible in the U.S. (altough I love this country).

  • Nothing surprises me anymore. I can certainly see people over-reacting to something like this.

    Gotta love the fact he signed the license as “McLoving” when his name was “McLovin” too!

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