Download Film Junk Podcast for Dec. 9th, 2007

Greg’s back with us this week on the Film Junk Podcast as we bring you a steaming hot review of The Golden Compass. We also argue over G.I. Joe and Transformers in Versus, talk about the new Speed Racer and Prince Caspian trailers in Trailer Trash, and dive into a large stack of Junk Mail. A few in-house announcements and Greg’s work week rant round out this particular episode. If you can’t take the heat then get out of the fireplace… it’s time to sautee this mutha. Listen. Now.

0:00-04:10 – Intro
04:10-10:20 – In-house Announcements
10:20-18:30 – Greg’s Work Week
18:30-22:25 – Stuff We Watched This Week
22:25-52:10 – Junk Mail
52:10-1:13:05 – Review: The Golden Compass
1:13:05-1:26:10 – Versus: G.I. Joe vs Transformers
1:26:10-1:38:38 – Trailer Trash
1:38:38-1:40:25 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:40:25-1:42:00 – Outro

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  • I think Gregs Avatar would be a delightful manatee with a dude. Because he always mentions being overweight, and in The Running Tunnel when everybody else were dancing and moving he was sitting still in a car, making noises. Also with his langauge he actually could write for family guy.

    That JunkMail was the fucking best though. I agree with Sean, we need more like that.

    This episode was supercute. When the treats came in, that’s definitely a highlight.

  • Goon

    the reason Sam Elliott’s avatar was female, is because every character’s avatar is the opposite sex. childrens’ ones can change, but as they become adults they set in and dont change.

    again, yes, even I as a fan of the books gave it a 2/4 – it was extremely rushed, did not properly convey the books concepts, and did not have enough time to make anything tense or build. I highly doubt you’d want to sit through another hour of it, but to me making it ‘epic length’ would be the only way to have it work at all.

  • TheSnowLeopard

    Everyone was on form this week. One of your funniest shows. Should be in the Filmjunk Hall Of Fame or something.

    Re: the future of movie blogs and news sites. At the moment they are very fragmented, with unique designs and dedicated readers but redundant stories and opinions. I wonder if eventually a handful of sites will dominate like in the ‘old’ media (TV, newspapers), or whether there will be mega-sites like Yahoo or Google.

    I can already see one downside to Row Three: too many posts. It’s almost impossible to keep up with the stories and discussion, even if I visit daily. Cinematical has the same problem. I end up just skipping through the headlines. I almost feel guilty not visiting every day.

    I prefer sites/blogs that set themselves a limit on the number of posts per week and focus on particularly interesting stories and give them more depth and allow time for readers, both loyal and casual, to catch up and offer contributions.

    I did suggest a Top 5 Foreign Language films in the junkmail a while ago. Will you do that one day or have you canned my suggestion!?!?

    Thanks for reading my email.


  • @TheSnowLeopard

    Couldn’t agree more — one of the best shows ever! Greg was in a fantastic mood and the story about the ‘sex music’ was simply hillarious!

  • Hey Guys,

    John from over at Row Three here. I think you hit the head on the nail for why we didn’t talk about merging with Film Junk. All of us come from pretty small sites (with the exception of Kurt). If any of you wanted to contribute on Row Three we’d most likely be up for it but I doubt you’d really want to move away from FJ. All of us have pretty much stopped doing any serious work on our own movie blogs.

    You are also right on the glut of movie “blogs” one thing we are trying to do is not to just be another news site. We post some new items but I think the real focus is on general discussion and opinion pieces.

    I’ll bring your comments up Snow Leopard with everyone else. Perhaps we should slow down a bit on the postings. Perhaps we are going a bit overboard because it is a new site.

  • Goon

    i think what i gathered from the podcast about ‘blogging sucks’ and that you have to cover the same shit everyone else does – well… if you dont want to cover something – don’t. so long as your’e covering what you want with the frequency you’d otherwise post, then its fine.

    i mean, take a look at the posts that are made that appear on every other site. they tend to not really get commented on, so who is really being lost?

  • joe

    Wow.. what a difference Greg makes. This is probably the best show you guys have done in a while (like since the anal cancer one). Keep it up! I’ll be really interested in hearing the review of I Am Legend, because I think I’ll see it this weekend.

  • This show was hilarious!! Greg kicked ass and Jays reply to that email was great!