Speed Racer Trailer

The first trailer for Speed Racer hit the web last night, and it’s already got a lot of people going… WTF?! This is the first film officially directed by The Wachowski Brothers since The Matrix trilogy, and it’s also their first attempt at a family-friendly flick. Is this going to be the movie where they officially lose everyone? As much as I loved The Matrix movies (and also V For Vendetta, which they were pretty heavily involved with), I always wondered if they could really do anything other than The Matrix. It’s like those movies were the extent of their talent and vision, and I hate to say it, but this Speed Racer trailer seems to back the theory up. They’ve been hyping up this new technology they’re trying out with the movie in order to have both the foreground and the background in focus, and while I can see how they’re trying to replicate the feel of a live-action anime, something about it doesn’t really work. I think it’s the fact that the backgrounds seem so empty and fake. Maybe this would have been a good movie to use Beowulf-style motion capture technology instead? Check out the trailer below and give us your thoughts. Speed Racer hits theatres on May 9th.

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  • Goon

    you know what?

    I loved that trailer. It looks retarded, when something is presented to me that is that bizarre, like Southland Tales, it guarantees I will consider giving it a chance.

    lets just say I’m more interested now than before, when I had no interest at all in Speed Racer. i hated that goddam show.

  • This trailer looks totally cool. What ruled about the Matrix 1 & 2 were the awesome action sequences, and they definitely developed a style – bullet-time aside – with their hardpumped technomusic set to fast, sleak images and it’s taken a step further here. John Goodman looks like a cartoon in this, which is good. Why would you take something like this serious? It’s got to be ridiculous, and then focus on the action scenes. I just saw Ghost Rider and I was thinking how awesome the Anchorman style parts were, I mean when you’re dealing with these ridiculous concepts, might as well go all-out. This looks like the best movie about race since Days of Thunder (even better than Malcolm X).

    I do find racing pretty boring, but with loop-ti-loops and other such stuff combined with this cartoon style and the trippy music, it could be something totally awesome. Of course in a way that the fanboys wouldn’t get, but I applaud the wachowski persons for trying something crazy. It’s too bad Nicolas Cage isn’t in this.

  • Captain N

    I am a fan of the old cartoon and certainly the trailer feels like something from the cartoon. The hammy dialogue, the over the top racing, the bright colors. It looks like it could be a blast.

    I am surprised at the amount of backlash this trailer is getting. Everyone complains that Hollywood isnt doing original things. While this may be an adaptation of a cartoon from the 60’s, it looks original, creative and fun. The audience let the cheesy dialogue and bad acting slide and called the black and white stylish in Sin City, but yet this looks terrible?

    The movie looks like a spectacle in all the right ways. It looks as if it took its source material, examined what made it fun, and brought that to a new generation for everyone to enjoy. Something another movie based off of a cartoon that was released not to long ago wasn’t able to do. Hopefully this movie turns out for the best. Either way, it has moved up to the number 3 spot of most anticipated movies to see of 2008.

  • I could give a damn about Speed Racer, but this movie looks like it’s going to be damn fun to watch. Also, Goodman as Pops and Fox as Racer X? I’m there.

  • I’m just happy Chim-Chim’s in it.

  • Primal

    This definitely looks like a lot of fun. My expectations of the Wachowski Bros. are low in terms of their directing style from Matrix 2&3, I can already tell that they will be doing a lot of scenes where you’ll have close-ups of an actors face talking to another close-up of an actor knowing that they were never really in the scene together. Like Henrik said, what they do well is action and that’s what I’m on board to see. I don’t know too much about the cartoon, but the Bros. just had to put some Kung-Fu in this, didn’t they?

    It’s only a trailer and I am already blown away by the visual effects technology. I’m convinced that John Gaeta is the Stan Winston/Dennis Muren of our generation.