Film Junk Presents… Episode #1 of ‘CANTANKEROUS’

CANTANKEROUS (kăn-tăng’kÉ™r-É™s)

1. Ill-tempered and quarrelsome; disagreeable.
2. Difficult to handle.

So here it is. Myself (Jay) and Reed Farrington decided to get together and record our very own podcast, discussing whatever thoughts or ideas we feel like sharing. There’s no real film related content to this show outiside of a few random references, so Film Junk podcast listeners who simply listen for movie news and reviews won’t be missing out on anything. But all of you Reed Farrington supporters are in for a half hour of borderline dull discussion of the following banal topics:

1. Friendship.
2. Reed finds out about the shuttle columbia disaster; almost four years after the fact.
3. Reed attempts to talk a suicide jumper down at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Music Cue’s:

1. Try a Little Harder – The Rolling Stones
2. Ominous Cloud – Broadcast
3. Firebrand – William Orbit
4. Busy Working – Plone
5. Candidate – David Bowie
6. Colours From Nowhere – William Orbit
7. Mambo Sun – T.Rex

So go ahead and check out episode #1 of Cantankerous. One 28 year old caucasian male. One 45 year old Asian male. 73 years of cantankery.

Right click and save as to download.

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  • Reed Farrington

    Drew, you must really be hard up for entertainment to be downloading past episodes of Cantankerous.

    Jay and I are currently conducting research for our next Cantankerous. (Not really.) People don’t realize how much effort is required to produce one of these things. (Actually, the only effort is required by Jay to cut out the crap and find 30 or so minutes worth listening to, or at least not offensive. :-) )

  • Bas

    I listened to all(!) 3 episodes in reverse order (no special reason) and I have to say I was moved by Reed’s question for Jay as to why he offered his friendship. Does that make me gay too, Jay? But then you 1-upped it with the story of the thieving friend. Male friendship is a topic not often discussed so I enjoyed that. (Gay!) :)

  • “Drew, you must really be hard up for entertainment to be downloading past episodes of Cantankerous.”

    What can I say? I love Cantankerous, and I need it on my IPod!!

  • Reed Farrington

    Bas, thx for listening!

    I’m starting to feel the pressure in making the next Cantankerous as well received as the past podcasts. I’m thinking I should develop some new foibles in order to have something entertaining to talk about.

    But I’m thinking Sean and I should gang up on Jay, and point out some of his deficiencies in character. (Sean’s too white-bread to have any deficiencies. :-) )

    Or maybe I could guest on an episode of Fishing with Tom?

    And Sean, please feed Drew!

    Maybe Cantankerous can become so popular that people will start reciting lines like they used to do with Monty Python skits. (I have no idea who the kids of today are imitating.)

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  • This is excellent. For some reason I really enjoy listening to you two ramble on. You and Jay have these sort of unusual personalities and it makes for real good “radio”.

    A shame these Cantankerous episodes are so sparse, looking forward to listening to the few others.

  • I think we’ve run out of my idiosyncrasies to talk about.

    I’ve been working on some material, but Jay and Sean think it’s too stupid. For example, you know how toy guns have to be sold with orange tips so that cops won’t accidentally shoot a kid with a toy gun. Well, I was thinking that bad guys should put orange tips on their real guns! So when they pull out their guns, they’ll get the drop on the cops who will hesitate when they see the orange tips.

  • Haha, what a great idea. I think Jay and Sean are too picky with what they think will make good material. It’s not like it’s the subjects that makes the podcast, it’s the personalities and your interaction.

  • Mark In Ottawa

    Pure awesomeness.

    What’s the music at the beginning ?

  • Mark in Ottawa, it’s nice to have a new Cantankerous fan. I haven’t listened to the show and even if I had, I probably couldn’t tell you what music Jay edited into the beginning. I’m guessing your comment scrolled off the recent comments list before Jay could see it. He doesn’t read my comments, so he probably won’t know you’re wondering what music he used.

    I think I’ll be seeing Jay on Friday, so I’ll ask him what the music is (unless I completely forget to ask).

  • Oh, wait, Jay listed the music cues above in his written introduction. So if he listed them in order, then the music at the beginning is The Rolling Stones’ “Try a Little Harder.” I don’t think I’ve heard that song before. I don’t know what album it’s on. (I’m in the Beatles’ camp.)

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