Tom Cruise to Return as Vampire Lestat?

Now that Lions for Lambs has pretty much officially bombed, Tom Cruise is once again on the prowl for some way to successfully re-establish his commercial and critical reputation. What better way to win people back than to return to one of his most respected roles from the mid-90’s, the part of vampire Lestat from Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire?

There are rumours swirling that Cruise’s production company United Artists are in talks to obtain the rights for the 4th book in Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, The Tale of the Body Thief. While it has not been explicitly stated that the movie would be a vehicle for Cruise to star in, it does seem to be the most likely option. But will he be able to erase the memory of the horribly received Queen of the Damned, based on the 3rd book in the series? That movie starred Stuart Townsend as Lestat, but of course, it was also directed by Michael Rymer as opposed to Neil Jordan. I have to give Cruise credit for being a smart businessman… this sounds like it could be a good move for him. However, much like Interview with the Vampire, I think a lot will depend on the cast members that he is able to surround himself with. Will this be the movie that brings Tom Cruise back into public favour? Or will it be Bryan Singer’s Valkyrie?

  • I like Tom Cruise. But he does seem like he never grew into his age. I mean he never became a good actor, so now when he’s doing all these mature roles, it’s never succesful. I’ll forever love Cole Trickle…

    I think what makes me continue to like him is his complete lack of care for common tradition though. Apparently Katie Holmes has signed a contract which ensures her a giant paycheck for being married to Tom Cruise, and it has a clause that states that she has to shut up about Tom Cruises private affairs or something like that. I think that’s pretty cool. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, Katie Holmes must have felt she was going down the drain, so this way she is set for life financially. Win-win.

  • megan

    this is the best news i’ve heard all day. soon to be followed by the worst news, which will be any more info on this movie and how it will in fact, turn out to be another queen of the damned.

  • Hey lestat my name is nayomi.Doyou think you would make a good vampire? You see I think vampires are very real but you know have to put on a diffrent face to please everyone.See I’m not like other girls when I want to do something I do it but this is very I said you put on a diffrent face toplease everyone one day I will make all who made me feel bad pay.

    P.S. I amnot a gothic girl but will be very soon!

  • Dogger

    Hey Nayomi. Fix your space bar & don’t become a goth – be an individual. Goth is just a silly middle-class subculture, but one that is utterly devoid of humour.

    Whilst it’s impossible to be truly individual, goths are certainly NOT individual – they just think they are. They are no different to any other subculture, because all have insecurities and want to feel like they are part of a gang & ‘fit in’ with like-minded people.

    My advice is listen to ‘The Birthday Party’ & ‘The Fall’ everyday & wear black by all means – it’s always been the best colour for clothing, but just don’t label yourself.

    P.S. Or wear anything wear purple.
    P.P.S. These so-called ‘real vampires’ are the absolute worst type of goth. Humourless idiots

  • Dogger

    “P.S. Or wear anything purple” that should have been…

  • Alex

    I’ll have to agree with you on that one, megan. Best news that made my day, yet I fear it will suck like Queen fo the Damned did. I hope Cruise will be Lestat again. I trust he will be just as good if not better than in his previous Lestat role. I’ve been praying for another good vampire movie like “Interview” and I guess someone has listened to me ^^

  • denise

    Tom Cruse was a really bad actor to play Lestat. He was the most unbelievable vampire I have ever seen. If he does play Lestat again I won’t watch it.

  • christine

    Oh, denise! You’re very mean . Haven’t you read all of the reactions on Tom Cruise’s portrayal as Lestat? It made a huge hit, you know! And have you watched the movie yet?

    And again, Tom? Just a message for you,

    “Keep it Up! I know you can do this! I know you can face all of the challenges that comes in your career . &honestly…I hate some of your movies but I LOVE you in your movie MI:2:).lol. Especially this movie, I must say that this is very interesting and well-done. Good job!”

  • Courtney

    if this movie is made and tom cruise plays Lestat, I think it will be amazing to see him fit into his character after all these years.

  • christine

    I agree with you, Courtney :)).

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  • Sarah

    OH GOD, I hope with all my heart that i get to see Cruise as Lestat again!
    Ever since I saw Cruise as Lestat i’ve been super obsessed with this vampire. I hated Townsend after I saw Cruise.
    USE TOM!!!

  • Claudia

    Oh god, I am praying that Tom Cruise does NOT get the role. He sucked in Interview with the vampire. Like honestly, that was not Anne Rice’s Lestat at all. The casting people should realize that although Tom Cruise is a talented actor, he could never play the role of Lestat, the vampire. They made such a mess by casting him in the first place.

  • Jon

    Nobody will take Cruises place as the vampire lestat.

  • Emilyn

    Cruise was and is very hot, he’s hot at almost 50!! but I say no more Lestat for him. MARTIN ROLINSKI is SO MUCH the new Lestat.