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This week on the Film Junk Podcast, Jay and Sean review the Joy Division movie Control, which documents the life and death of singer Ian Curtis. We also count down our Top 5 TV Actors Turned Movie Stars, and in Versus we get into a debate about Digital Downloads vs DVD. If that’s not enough, we dip into a few recent news headlines too, sparking discussion about the Justice League movie and Christian Bale starring in Terminator 4. It’s a slightly shorter episode this week, so listen to it twice! Check out the full break down of this week’s show below (more info in the Show Notes).

0:00-01:50 – Intro
01:50-04:05 – In-house Announcements
04:05-10:45 – Stuff We Watched This Week
10:45-14:10 – Jay’s Dream Reviews
14:10-17:20 – Junk Mail
17:20-34:15 – News
34:15-52:00 – Review: Control
52:00-59:05 – Top 5 TV Actors Turned Movie Stars
59:05-1:20:20 – Versus: Digital Downloads vs DVD
1:20:20-1:21:35 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:21:35-1:24:43 – Outro

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  • I can’t believe that I missed out on a Reed Farrington appearance because of all the bullshit haters out there. Reed Farrington may have shitty taste in movies, but he is just so spacy and relentless… It’s so much fun.

    So here’s a vote for getting Reed Farrington back on the show! Or, if not him, Darth Nameless. Gerry would be 3rd. If none of those are available, try looking up nobody in the phone book and get him back. All those guys were awesome guests.

  • TheSnowLeopard

    I second that motion.

    Personally I blame Sean and Jay for mis-managing such a unique talent. They should have carefully nutured and developed this man of many faces/names/whatever. Instead they blew it by giving him a major role in a couple of podcasts and he ended up pissing people off.

    Such a waste.

  • Goon

    id rather swallow a bag of cocks

  • Greg

    Sorry to have missed the show. The retail biz apparently gets busy in December. Who knew?

  • TheSnowLeopard

    @ Sean – I think your suggestion of Junkyard is a PERFECT name for the podcast. It is a natural extension of the website name and it doesn’t sound pretentious or contrived.

    @ Goon – Let’s see if Reed/Darth is a man of substance and has some insightful comments to make about movies rather than the hapless Gomer Pyle-type character we have been presented with so far. I only envisage him in a supporting role with NO goofing off.

  • I think a great name for the show would be Objets trouvés. Or if you think that’s a little too high-concept you could go with the less foreign Junk Art.

  • Err… TheSnowLeopard I don’t think you can expect much insight from our goofy charmster. When it was mentioned he hated everything I got my hopes up, but when he mentioned his favourite movie to be Planet of the Apes and subsequently his favourite comedy was announced as Deuce Bigalow, that went out the window.

    HOWEVER; he is so funny. His appearances definitely have the highest laugh pr. minute for me, and I really can’t not endorse that. And he also loves Star Trek. Allthough probably the best part of Film Junk in general is when Greg is making fun of Sean and Jay for liking Star Trek, and the passionate defense that usually follows.

  • FOR Reed!

  • I agree with Henrik in the most
    Bring back Reed, the people demand it!

    As far the podcast name goes, it’s really hard to top “Junkyard”. Maybe you should let Reed decide to come up with a crazy one since it seems to be his specialty

  • How about “The ‘What do we call black people?’ Podcast”…? :D

  • I actually am at the point where I think if they can’t convince Mr. Farrington to do that podcast centered around him, they should just have Jay act it out.

  • Oi. I’m not on the Farrington bandwagon but I’ll keep listening regardless of the outcome.

    On Control – I’m not a Joy Division fan and I still enjoyed Corbijn’s film a great deal. Though I have to agree that it was difficult to grasp just how much pressure Ian Curtis was in at the time of his death, I felt enough material was presented to draw a picture of a man in serious trouble – particularly with the drugs he was taking for his epilepsy. For me, Corbijn managed to capture a regular guy who happens to be a little over emotional and how he simply can’t deal with anything. Yeah, it made him look like a bit of a sissy but I thought it felt pretty honest.

    On the DVD vs. digital issue, I’m with Jay on this one. I must be one of the few poor saps left who still buys CD’s (though I’ll admit to downloading the odd song for sampling) and my DVD purchasing seems to be on an upswing trend. I can’t be bothered with downloading movies: it takes too long, sometimes the files are corrupt and other times it’s not even the movie they say it is. If it’s something I really want to see, I’ll add it to my Zip list. If it’s something I’ve seen that I’m going to want to see again, I want to own it and be able to watch it whenever I want.

    As for the electronic reader, those have been around on palms for some time with loads of free books online for download. As an avid reader, I figured it would be an easy conversion but I found that after a while, the eyes start to fatigue, much faster than when reading a book. Though this technology may one day take over, I doubt it’ll be in my lifetime.

  • Goon

    Im with Jay, i just have to have a copy of whatever I want. I buy things and then sometimes wait months and months before watching them – its all about when i feel like something, I want to have it and i want it ready when i want it. Also I’m a big ‘share’ guy with friends with my stuff so for that reason having them on hand is always a plus.

    a correction during the show though – while there were a lot of vocal (including Sean) who were let down by Superman Returns, the movie actually was mostly a critical success:

  • Primal

    Well I won’t deny that Superman Returns was shot very well and the look of the film was good. But I don’t see where all that money went when seeing all the special effects in the movie though.

    I found the movie way too manipulative with the music. When the composer of your film is also the editor, this is what happens. Annoying film all throughout. I did love Parker Posey in the movie however.

  • Greg appears there may be a duel between Reed and I for the last spot on the podcast. I have no doubt I could mop the floor with that guy though. Maybe this Friday should be a weekly poll to see who the listeners want.

    I should start a campaign.

  • Goon

    well, I’m a Team Greg guy. when he first started on the show i was unsure as i noticed too often he hadnt seen what was being dicussed… thats mostly changed, but more importantly it doesnt matter – something just gets brought out when he’s there, fitting it but having a different enough personality and sense of humor that it brought the whole show into full balance. Jay rags on his tastes and Greg rags on Jay’s snarkiness/cynicism, and Sean mostly straightman’s it to that right level, and it works for me.

  • It definitely works for me as well. I am not advocating a change, I am advocating that Jay/Sean/Reed is better than Jay/Sean.

  • Goon

    well, let me make an equivocal statement.

    if Reed’s gonna be on the show, the show actually needs to be longer to make up for it, because i know X amount of time will be Reed’s own self-made diversions. 90 minutes of Jay/Sean = 130 minutes of Jay/Sean/Reed.

  • 130 minutes of FilmJunk > 90 minutes of FilmJunk.

  • Agreed.
    And I’m in favor of Greg as the “third wheel” if you wanna put it that way Mr. Gas Man. But you take so much space on the podcast that Jay & Sean need to replace you with somewhat of a controversy starter (Reed) when you can’t make it.
    That’s the end of that discussion as far as I go.

  • I agree with you guys that having a third person on the podcast is always a good thing. When Reed Farrington is guesting, I know that we personally have fun, but I understand how it could be frustrating for listeners. Plus there are only so many Star Trek-related topics to discuss.

  • I think Reed appearances are great, but just once in a while. Too much of a “good” thing can be bad. How about once every five shows or something?

  • TheSnowLeopard

    The last thing I want to see is the podcast get even longer. There is already a some extraneous content creeping into the filmjunk podcast.

    Personally I don’t think any podcast should exceed one hour. The best podcasts set a time limit at the outset and stick to it.

  • Goon

    “The best podcasts set a time limit at the outset and stick to it.”

    I hold the opposite opinion, I think that stifles freedom to divert and fully express a topic, and allows other topics to stretch beyond their due point.

  • deadpaul

    “The best podcasts set a time limit at the outset and stick to it.”
    no way, more is always better. Most MP3 players will let you pause a show , then come back to it later, like reading a book. Don’t look at it like a bag of chips, where once you open it you have to eat them all. Look at each episode as a chapter in a great big Film Junk book, a book of Film Junk.

    BRING BACK REED! Reed should be the 4th Film Junker, to fill in whenever Greg has to stock the shelves or watch WWE, or swear and sing in his car. Reed is great.

  • deadpaul

    Please don’t rename the podcast. The Movie Blog did and I stopped listening to it. That plus Campea started getting really annoying.

  • joe

    Don’t have Reed back on the show!! Jay & Sean did fine on their own.

    I don’t know what people see in him… I get that some of the things he says are so wrong and out of logic. And that’s a little funny, but an hour of it is just depressing. I want to stop listening to the show about half-way through with him on, but I don’t really want to miss out on hearing the rest of the cast.

    Even if you talk about star trek (not the best topic, but whatever.. i’ll go with it for a bit), he can’t even formulate a full, comprehensive sentence to make a point.

  • Goon

    “Even if you talk about star trek (not the best topic, but whatever.. i’ll go with it for a bit), he can’t even formulate a full, comprehensive sentence to make a point.”

    this statement = yes.

  • Reed Farrington

    I figured I should chime in since people have graciously kept me in their thoughts.

    I agree I’m mostly irritating, and that I’ve been trying too hard to be entertaining. (I suppose you can say that I have a Gilbert Gottfried style.)

    I did an early podcast where I was polite and didn’t say much, and someone commented that I didn’t contribute anything. So I guess I went too much in the other direction.

    Frankly, Jay, Sean, and Greg just bore me to death. So I stick non sequiturs in whenever I can. I don’t understand why anyone listens to the Film Junk Podcast.

    I think the new name for Film Junk should be The Reed Farrington Show.

    Now let’s see if I ever come back. Haha.

  • Reed Farrington

    I’m going to enroll in Lorne Greene’s School of Podcasting to learn how to speak with a normal pitch and in full sentences.

    I promise I’ll change. I’ll do whatever you want (except swallow a bag of cocks with Goon).

  • Don’t ever change. Like all artists worth spending time on, you’re not for everyone.

  • TheSnowLeopard

    “I think that stifles freedom to divert and fully express a topic”

    I disagree. It permits rambling and indulgence.

    “allows other topics to stretch beyond their due point”

    Not if you have an Agenda.

    Goon, I find your comments ironic given you put me onto Mark Kermode and Scene Unseen which are two of the best podcasters around who manage to have a funny, divergent, freewheeling discussion that is also short and disciplined.

    The key is to keep the listener wanting more. I love the filmjunk podcast but i’ve felt it outstayed it’s welcome by about 20 odd minutes. Maybe it’s because I missed Greg or Reed who would have filled out that time with their pithy comments.

  • Goon

    I didnt put you on Mark Kermode. i dont listen to him.

    Scene Unseen fall into my category of shows that go on as long as they want to. most of the time their show is only 35 minutes, but they often go an hour. they dont restrict themselves. and for the record, the fact that their show is more often than not shorter… while I like them puts them near the bottom of the list of my priority podcast listening.

    “The key is to keep the listener wanting more”

    Well its not MY key. I’m on the bus or walking an extraordinary amount of time each week, and prefer podcasts over music most of the time – its easier to focus on and i dont have to constantly be pressing ‘next’ to find what i want to hear. For me the more podcasts the better. I even listen to shit I dont like if it ‘ll make the day go by easier.

    So seriously, If they are available I’d rather have hours and hours of a good thing rather than a half hour of it and ‘wanting more’ – ‘wanting more’ is a bad thing for me, because ‘wanting more’ means I end up listening to horrible horrible horrible horrible podcasts like Fat Guys at the Movies.

    “It permits rambling and indulgence.”

    Maybe sometimes it can. With the wrong people. But to me podcasts/Internet is meant to outright REJECT the standards set by traditional media like radio – allowing us to take our time if we wish, get to know the podcasters, have a better change of interacting. The last thing I want is more podcasts trying to emulate radio by having absolute set times for everything, forcing themselves to do certain segments they dont feel like doing or dont have material for…

    theres a couple podcasts out there that have a following, and i wont name them but you could maybe guess which ones, that are doing everything they can to emulate radio, seemingly with the intent of landing a deal somewhere. i can see through that shit and the people who run those shows seem extremely hollow and unpassionate about movies/their listeners.
    The only really great podcast I know that sticks to a specific time is Filmspotting, and they only do so because they were/are already ON a public radio station. I have no doubt that if they could the show would be even longer, and would be better for it.

  • Indulgence is not a bad thing!

    And for me, even though Reed Farrington has been on multiple long shows, it’s still left me wanting more.

    Maybe it’s the content rather than the length you have a problem with Leopard (I should hope so)? You can just tell our kind hosts what it is you hate.

  • This is a debate that I keep coming back to myself. Sometimes I wonder if we’re always trying to do too much in one episode. If we shortened it, it wouldn’t be so much about trying to rush a segment or cutting things off early, but just doing less segments, and then using them elsewhere on the site.

    Obviously you guys are already loyal listeners, so for most of you, more is better. I get that. But I am pretty sure the long running times keep a lot of new listeners at bay as well. The number of downloads on our podcast hasn’t really increased significantly over the past year or so. I think some new people hop on board, but then others get bored of it and stop listening. I’d like to find a happy medium.

  • Goon

    whether or not the number of downloads is increasing, the number of people participating on this site has definitely increased..

  • True. There are more visitors, and more repeat visitors in particular, which is why I would expect the podcast to follow suit, but it seems like a lot of people aren’t that interested in it. Obviously a lot of people come to the site just for up to date movie information and that’s it, but the more unique content that we offer is in the podcast, so I’m all about trying to get it out to more people and improving it any way we can.

  • TheSnowLeopard

    “I didnt put you on Mark Kermode. i dont listen to him.”

    You’re right, it was Andrew James. Sorry about that.

    I too like to fill up my “empty” time (waiting, travelling, chores, etc) with podcasts, but I would rather listen to many brief, well-paced shows than a few meandering ones.

    Preparation, an agenda and a time limit bring structure and focus and are the foundations of a good podcast or radio show. I don’t see any distinction between the two formats. Mark Kermode’s podcast is an edited radio show but still very entertaining and I don’t see any drop in quality because they can only talk for an hour. Unless it’s scripted, either format allows humor and digression to generate spontaneously. It is the very open-endedness of podcasts that makes the decision of when to end it so important.

    “forcing themselves to do certain segments they dont feel like doing or dont have material for…”

    The Versus segment sometimes falls into this category. The discussion can be half-hearted. I’ve also heard Sean mention “filling up time” on the podcast, as if he is worried about the podcast being too short. Filmjunk can be guilty sometimes of this kind of padding. I say, cut the fat and keep it lean. If you only have 30 minutes of stuff to talk about, then that’s fine. I’m not against a long podcast, but only if the content warrants it.

    “Maybe it’s the content rather than the length you have a problem with Leopard”

    Well, the two go hand in hand. There is nothing about Filmjunk’s content in particular that I hate, but I do hate speculation about upcoming movies and many podcasts are guilty of this. One in particular spends most of it’s running time speculating about yet-to-be made movies, which is the height of tedium, pointlessness and self-indulgence. A whole web industry has been built on this aimless conjecture when there are so many worthwhile movies to be seen and reviewed and recommended.

  • First off, just want to let everyone know that tomorrow, the very first episode of the previously proposed podcast starring myself and Reed Farrington/Annie/The Man With No Name will be available on the front page of Film Junk. Just a few notes regarding this show:

    1. It is NOT a movie podcast. It will be featured on Film Junk simply due to a lack of alternate distribution.

    2. This will be a win/win situation. Reed haters will still get the Film Junk podcast sans Reed (unless Greg can’t make it) and won’t be missing out on any good film related discussion. Meanwhile, Reed supporters will get their fill with this new show.

    So stay tuned for the show and let us know what you think.

    In regards to the Film Junk podcast:

    “Well, the two go hand in hand. There is nothing about Filmjunk’s content in particular that I hate, but I do hate speculation about upcoming movies and many podcasts are guilty of this.”

    I can tell you that I have pretty much zero interest in this sort of movie speculation. It’s the worst. Unfortunately, sometimes I think it enters the picture simply to keep up with other sites or maybe due to a lack of news stories. Personally, I really have nothing interesting to say in regards to Spider-Man 4.

    I’ll tell you friends, it’s a fine balance trying to figure out what people want when it comes to the show. Some say ‘Longer!’, some say ‘Shorter!’, others say ‘Reed sucks balls!’. From my point of view, I just look forward to getting together with Sean and Greg every week and chillin. The fact that people listen is a bonus. And like Goon said, although our listeners may not be on the rapid incline, site participation definitely is. Our junk mail segment is really fun and I’m glad people are writing in. Keep it coming.

    It’s hard not to compare our show to others, and try and figure out what we’re doing wrong or right. I think we went through a phase where we simply thought we weren’t made for podcasting, after watching The Movie Blog’s show become successful, and then end up being slammed after appearing on their podcast. It was then that I realized that we’re simply a different show, looking for a different audience. So now we just do what is natural to us and have fun with it. But that doesn’t mean we still want to make the show better and win over some new listeners. So we’re definitely open to suggestions.

    All I can say is that if we actually made a living running Film Junk, our content would be top notch. Maybe one day. Until then, we’re trying our best and I’m just glad we have the following we do!


  • Greg

    I think what Jay said speaks for me as well.

    When I can’t make the show, I feel absolutely horrible. It’s one of the things I look forward to the most during my week. Maybe that’s sad…I don’t know. It’s a good time to hang out with those dudes and Sean’s wife is an awesome baker and quite often there are treats. I love doing the show and I can’t listen to it when I’m not on it because I get disappointed. The fact that so many people listen to it and care enough to e-mail or to discuss it at length on here is amazing.

    It’s hard to decide if we should cut segments because there are times when the Versus segment is lacklustre, but there have been times when it’s one of the best parts of the show. Overall….the junkmail segment is the best. By leaps and bounds. Some of the shit that you guys write in is absolutely hilarious. The laughter you hear from me is quite genuine. Kudos to all of you and thanks for the compliments…and thanks for the negativity too. It shows you actually care about the show and comments good or bad are better than no comments at all.

  • Reed Farrington

    What?!? Jay and I are doing a podcast? I’m feeling performance anxiety. But as Henrik says, “Like all artists worth spending time on, you’re not for everyone.” Henrik and TheSnowLeopard sure know what to say to make someone feel good about himself.

    In the Running Tunnel comments, snorfle wanted Roman and Chin(sp) back on the podcast. I suggested to Jay that the podcast should have a different guest every week. I’m sure that guy who was briefly married to Drew Barrymore would do a Film Junk podcast.

    I guess I had better prepare myself for the inaugural Jay/Reed podcast. Sorry Sean, but go… ha, you know what.

  • Goon

    “Preparation, an agenda and a time limit bring structure and focus and are the foundations of a good podcast or radio show.”

    well again, a podcast is not a radio show, and that’s what I like. its not even a ‘show’ to me, you’re essentially ‘hanging out’ listening to people talk about something. i remember listening to jay and sean when they DID have an actual radio show in the town we grew up in, and it wasn’t nearly as natural sounding as now (chalk most of that up to experience, but still…)

    in a way its kinda like motion capture CGI for me :P – the more that an amateur broadcaster tries to look professional, prepared and clean, the more I notice the differences between the real and the fake – which is why if you ask me I’d tell you flat up theres a couple of movie podcasters who sound like complete phonies auditioning to be Entertainment News reporters. Its the overly polished shows I can do without.

    Sound quality and a couple joke themes, sure thats fine, but what would a Film Junk podcast sound like that had a set agenda a prepared time? Well it would be one that probably skips stories of thinking they have bowel cancer, edits out bathroom trips, edits out bad segments to try and trick people that they always know what they’re talking about, only acknowledges positive feedback – a very anal retentive show that in no way represents the spirit of the site that both Jay, Sean, and yes, all of us have built together.

  • joe

    Don’t overthink it too much, I say. The more you guys have fun with the show.. the more we (or at least I) enjoy it. If it’s longer or shorter, not really an issue.

  • TheSnowLeopard

    “Well it would be one that probably skips stories…edits out bad segments to try and trick people that they always know what they’re talking about, only acknowledges positive feedback – a very anal retentive show”

    This scenario seems more an expression of your animosity toward that ‘other’ podcast rather than a rebuttal of my argument. Why would a time limit result in such a calamity?

    All I’m saying is that my suggestions are a framework in which to make good decisions about the tradeoff between quantity and quality in the podcast. It does not mean that Filmjunk must lose it’s unique personality, or sacrifice any spontaneity, or smooth over it’s idiosyncrasies. These elements come from the personalities of the participants and how they interact. A time limit has no bearing on this at all.

    Filmjunk lives or dies on whether you think Jay, Sean, Greg and Reed are guys you’d like to hang out with. The fact I’m here every week should tell you what I think.

  • Goon

    I actually wasnt refering to one ‘other’ podcast – like i said, theres a shitload of them out there, and a lot of them share some of the same (in my opinion) problems.

    jay, if you’re reading this, i came across this documentary i really liked that you might as well, its in 11 parts on youtube, originally ran on HBO, its called “Thin” and I was surprised how solid it was.

  • I definitely see your point TheSnowLeopard… I think really what we’re talking about here is more editing after the fact. Discussions that didn’t work could be left on the cutting room floor, but it’s important that this is done in hindsight because sometimes you don’t know ahead of time if something’s going to be worthwhile or not. Not every Top 5 or Versus topic is a winner obviously, but sometimes the best ones are the ones that you wouldn’t expect.

    The problem with editing afterwards is that it takes time, and it sucks to have to leave out a whole segment if there are still a few interesting tidbits in there somewhere. I do agree that maybe not every episode needs a Versus or a Top 5 all the time… that could prevent them getting stagnant. We could mix and match, kind of like how we only do the Defense Force every so often, or even news and Trailer Trash. Something to think about anyway. Suggestions for new segments are always welcome as well!

  • Goon

    the top 5 is actually my least favorite segment of the show, not because of the picks but because they’re not really discussed at any length. copying Filmspottings handling of the top 5 would probably be more my cup of tea.

  • I love the Top 5 when there is some discussion about the choices. It’s my favorite segment of the show, even though I realize it’s also the one that probably requires the most work for you lovely hosts.

    Defense Force also rules. I’d love to hear some more defending from Greg, the Bon Cop Bad Cop one was remarkable. Reminded me of ages ago when Tomas Bajuk defended Not Another Teen Movie.

    But unless there’s something concrete that people say “this was boring, that should have been cut bla bla bla” don’t start cutting the show man. I like all of it.

  • Goon

    I miss Defense Force. I’d like that one to be more recurring if possible.

  • Mason

    Regarding the versus segment form this podcast: I don’t know how people find these illegal free music and video download sites. I’ve done some casual browsing and couldn’t find anything. I might feel to guilty to actually do it even if I could find something. I am wondering whether I should quit buying CDs in favor of buying albums on iTunes. I could always back up the digital music by burning it to a disk. That’s something physical to put on a shelf, right?