Justice League Casts Wonder Woman and Batman… Does Anyone Care?

Despite the fact that we still have not yet had an official ensemble cast announcement regarding the upcoming Justice League movie, we may finally have strong leads on at least two of the characters. Ain’t It Cool News is reporting that Australian supermodel Megan Gale is 100% confirmed to be playing Wonder Woman in the movie. Her impressive acting resume includes the pivotal role of Dr. Orbit’s Secretary in Stealth. Clearly she was chosen for her looks rather than her talent, but I doubt many fanboys are going to complain about that.

What fanboys likely will be complaining about, however, is the choice of Armie Hammer for the role of Batman. IESB is claiming that the actor is officially in, but there’s no doubt he’s going to be a tough sell. Although photos of the guy are hard to come by on the web, the one in his IMDb profile certainly makes him look like someone who would have appeared on Smallville (close enough, I suppose: he’s had small roles on Veronica Mars and Desperate Housewives). So when will we finally get an official announcement from Warner Brothers? That’s anyone’s guess, but with these kinds of actors in the mix, I can see why they’re hesitant to unveil their plans to the world. I mean, I’m willing to go along with a younger cast, but I just don’t see these people being anyone you can build a franchise on. What if they decide to do a Wonder Woman solo movie afterwards? Is someone like Megan Gale really going to be able to carry the flick on her own? I’m starting to agree with all the people who believe this movie is a disaster waiting to happen.

  • The answer to your question in the title: no.

    I’m going to burn down every theater in Minnesota that screens this “film.”

  • Captain N

    Doesnt anyone else get the feeling that this flick will fall apart at the last second?

    As far as casting goes, the girl playing Wonder Woman is pretty damn hot. She does actually look pretty much like Wonder Woman probably should. I will admit that I am somewhat disappointed that John McClanes daughter didnt get the role.

    This guy playing Batman though…. He looks like a total doofus. Is Batman going to swing into the side of a building? Maybe forget to open a sliding glass door before attempting to walk into it? Have lame one liners?

    Will they be announcing the casting of Superman and Green Latern soon? Will it even matter if they did?

  • ineddiblehulk

    I love the JL, but agree, I can not see this working AT ALL. Megan Gale is an inspired choice as a likeness for WW, but still, I can see this being viewed in 20 years like the He-Man movie.